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I'm in my cruiser, talking to my partner in his cruiser, while a 91 Buick Century rolls by us with NO tailights. My partner rolls out and makes the stop. (Two males 19 YOA) Wisp or two of smoke and STRONG odor emanating. Valid 11/04 Inspection sticker. Partner asks; "you guys been smoking marijuana?" "No We don't smoke that stuff" comes the reply.

To make a long story short, the driver says he KNOWS his tailights are out from a recent accident. He has a dime bag, and his passenger has a dime bag and a warm pipe with plenty o'resin!

Since this guy Knew his tailights were out, and chose to drive by two(2) cruisers while smoking, I think this qualifies as "dumb perp-of-the-week!"

Hey, ya gotta love those that fall into the "Americas Dumbest Criminals" category.

Hey atleast not for anything there worth a good laugh.
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