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An off-duty St. Louis County police officer shot and killed a man in an alleged attempted carjacking in front of the officer's Florissant home this afternoon. Shortly after 12:30 p.m., police say, an 18 year-old man approached the off-duty officer after the officer had just gotten out of his car. The officer was in his driveway in the first block of Claire Drive, off New Florissant Road. The suspect had a gun and demanded the keys to the officer's Toyota Camry, police said.

According to Florissant police Lt. Tim Lowery, the officer grabbed the suspect's gun. They struggled and fell to the ground, but the officer was able to wrest the gun from the suspect and shoot him in the head. The officer was not injured.

Another 18-year-old man, apparently with the suspect, was nearby and ran off, Lowery said. Police found him shortly after and arrested him.

The name of the suspect and the officer, who worked in the investigation division, have not yet been released.

"It was absolutely self defense," Lowery said of the officer's actions.

A neighbor who lived across the street was watching the Rams game when he heard a gunshot. He came outside and saw the suspect dead next to the driveway. He said he couldn't believe what had just happened outside his door.

"To do that right in the middle of the day, to me, that's crazy," said Mike Belcher 39. "And the guy paid for it with his life."
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