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Discussion in 'State Police' started by graveyardsleeper, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Well said, but I betchya he took the last MSP exam, despite the hostility he showed in that post, and will now probably deny it.
  2. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    ok, for those who are fighting on this page please take the fight eleswhere...cause this room is for info about another class...and when somone like myself who was a backfill for the 79th see's that people where on this page only to read that it has nothing to do with info on another class it if you have info if there is going to be a 80th RTT please put it down...also was that the newest budget request
  3. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

    If you searched, you'de find that I have stated before I took the exam.

    That was back in the day when I knew nothing other than the beautiful uniforms and what I experienced at the SPA in the student trooper program. I scored a 90. Although I was told multiple times by many, including some active and retired troopers, that it was a decent scored, especialy considering it was my first LE test, and that a little practice will bring that up to an elegible score for the next test. The next test? BUT NO, at that point, I wanted to be a trooper, and i was sick to my stomach that I'd have to wait until the next time around to get it.

    Since then I have had the opertunity to learn a lot more about the department, and experience a lot of the members, to decide it certainly isnt what I want for a job in LE. ITS NOT WHAT I WANT! That very thought has been the basis of attack towards me from some of the resident troopers, hense my return hostility. "HE DOESNT WANT THIS UNIFORM? OH, MUST BE A 1-LEGGED WIFE BEATING FELLON! 'SCORE BETTER NEXT TIME BOY' 'PFFF MUST HAVE GOTTEN A TICKET ONCE FROM A TROOPER SUCKER!' "

    Troopers here are happy to degrade anyone that isnt one of them, but when an outsider attacks them, its another story?
  4. TypeX

    TypeX MassCops Member

    You didn't attack a trooper or a couple of troopers... you generalized. You basically said that every trooper is exactly the same as those fuckups O'Hare and whatever the others' name are... Who wants to be associated with those losers? As if no other department has bad people. 99% go in, put in a hard days work and go home just like anyone else. You are basing your argument on a couple of people you've heard about and applying it to 2,000 you dont know.
  5. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    I hope that's not your A-game. The job is just like the military. You get out of it what you put into it. Out of 2400 or so sworn members, a few knuckleheads will be way around it.

    If you want to be a miserable, grumpy, salty prick, you can be that. If want to hustle and try to be a super trooper, the sky's the limit kid. I apologize if a few derogatory comments turned you off. It's just for training purposes may see that stuff out it the field some day!
  6. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    The answer is given on the first page of this thread...before it spiralled out of control.
  7. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    There is 100 million dollars for a class of people who at post #55 still don't get it.
  8. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Look, as far as anyone knows 100% -- as of right this moment ( 9-08-06, 2:26am and drunk as a skunk ) there is no 80th RTT planned. Can this change? Yes.
    Does anyone have 100% confirmation, as far as my sources state, NO - No funding and no $$ to do the class.
  9. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

    Would this money HAVE to be used by July 1, or would could they "bank" it to run a new test and start with high scores again.
  10. nirtallica

    nirtallica Subscribing Member

    Why do you even care?If you have no intrest, then just mind your buisness, or do you like stirring shit?
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