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Discussion in 'State Police' started by graveyardsleeper, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. USMCTrooper

    USMCTrooper Grim reaper

    Not only is it bullsh#t, its major bullsh#t. There have been no letters sent, no backgrounds done or redone as of Friday August 11th and never, ever ever in the history of the SPA has an MSP recruit class started 30 days after a previous class graduates.
    79th RTT graduates Sept 22. Then 80th then begins Oct 23???

    Check the letter again for the fine print that says "Made in China by the FuK Yoo Novelty Co."
  2. Sgt. Canseco

    Sgt. Canseco New Member

  3. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Hey, I know that company. A lot of people in this state as well as CT have that stamped on the back of their driver license.
  4. tigerwoody

    tigerwoody MassCops Member

    Has anybody seeeen myyy baaaseball?
  5. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    So no class I guess...and I guess the only hope is in the Suppelmental budget.......also I have a question...I was on the backfill list for the 79thRTT and did not get in. Now, if the State decides to hold another test do I start of from square on again and hope to god I score well?
  6. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

  7. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Hmmm..... interesting.
    I thought that 8100-0515 was discontinued according to Romney's budget.
  8. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    I'm in the middle of a lateral from a city PD to the MSP any one else going?

    (that's the rumor I'm hearing but I haven't confirmed it yet)
  9. evanbr33

    evanbr33 Subscribing Member

    Sadly for you and thankfully for us already on the MSP, there is no such thing as a 'lateral transfer' into the Massachusetts State Police...If you want to become a Trooper, you go through the Academy just like everyone else...Doesn't matter if you've been a PO for the past 10 years or fresh out of college...Complete the rigorous training for 6 months, and you'll be welcomed to the ranks...Until then, standby to standby.
  10. SPO123

    SPO123 New Member

    Damn..I was hoping to do a lateral from Mall Guard to MSP...shoot :D
  11. MallPolice

    MallPolice MassCops Member

    No kidding maybe they'll be another merger?!
  12. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    I was being sarcastic. And no thanks, I never had the desire to be a trooper.
    Never impressed me.
  13. nirtallica

    nirtallica Subscribing Member

    Yeah right!
  14. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Im not being a wiseass here or being snotty but thank you. At least you know that you don't want to do it before hand unlike others who get all the way up to week 1 - 4 and "decide" that "this is not for me" and quit. It takes possible positions away from those who would want to go through it and not quit.
  15. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    They quit even in week 4. Wow
  16. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    LOL, I was just using weeks as a point. I'm sure that there are some who have quit even further into it -- not counting for medical. I'll never knock a person who had to resign -- notice I didn't say quit -- because they were giving it their all and got injured.
  17. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    This may come as a shock to you, but there are some of us that enjoy working with the Ma. Gen. Laws that go past ninety.
  18. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

    No shit... Its a little sickening when the same half-dozen troopers seek out any post where the MSP looks bad, which is a direct result of their fellow employees, you know, felllow graduates of such a world-renound academy, and drop the "burned by a trooper"? "didnt pass the bg investigation?" "score better next time" lines... .

    Some people aspire for more than being part of an organization of section 12'ers and boy-fuckers.
  19. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Wow, hey, easy there, come on, let's relax.
  20. futureMSP

    futureMSP MassCops Member

    Hey Curious, I think you need to relax a little bit. You are taking jabs at people that you may not even know. If I am not mistaken, in this thread, the posts were between 94c and nirtallica, not you. I think you need to just stay out of it, none of us need or want to read your foolish posts. Stop seeking out these posts you speak of and ignore them. Any department you look at will have people that make some horrible choices, every department has at least one. I realize now you are going to bash my username, futuremsp, so I will save the time and defend myself now. I chose that username prior to being hired in the department I am at, despite the name I do not currently have any desire to return to MA. I got the letter and sent it back to MSP. I am not defending MSP because I want to be a MA Trooper, so don't bother.
  21. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Yeah, cause the MSP is ONLY dept with bad apples. Fuckhead.
  22. Tango

    Tango Subscribing Member

    Your a dick.....
  23. nevrehc

    nevrehc MassCops Member

    I love how people can puff up their chest and feel like a somebody on a web page. Be a real man or woman and meet face to face to discuss your disdain in person. True meaning and feeling can be lost in the translation with typing. I'll be the ref at the meeting.
  24. Mongo

    Mongo New Member

    Your wasting your time neither of them know what disdain means,
  25. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    I agree that Curious went a little overboard with that one.

    But I find it quite comical that there are troopers on this site that feels everyone wants to be like them. I've been around long enough to meet that type and am not impressed at all. On the other hand, I have many friends and acquaintances on the MSP. For those of you with the swollen heads keep on thinking how great you are.

    For the rest, be proud of your chosen profession.
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