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Another Class

Discussion in 'State Police' started by graveyardsleeper, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. graveyardsleeper

    graveyardsleeper New Member

    Heard a rumor today of another class starting October 23. Anyone get a letter?
  2. extraining guy

    extraining guy MassCops Member

    I hope so. Many in my department waiting to get letters. I hope they are all accepted. Good luck to all if this is true.
  3. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

    No funding approved, = no class
  4. Tango

    Tango Subscribing Member

    Word on the job is no class scheduled or being talked about .
  5. Q5POS

    Q5POS New Member

    aint happening...:(
  6. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    You can thank the Big Dig (or as I call it - Big Waste of Money) for it.
  7. dcs2244

    dcs2244 Moderator Staff Member

    No money. The funding has been diverted to the family of the women killed at Ted Williams "a$$hole". And rightly so.
  8. PCI

    PCI New Member

    Does that mean that there's also no money for another exam ?
  9. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Yea, your in the same boat as a lot of us -- best advice, try to get on local for now, or state police close by and keep eye out for exam. There probably wont be an exam for quite a while.
  10. PCI

    PCI New Member

    I am a local --- Got a 95 on the last SP exam and was on the bubble for the 79th until they found that pile of deferments...I am hoping if they don't fund the 80th this year that they hold off on another exam.... What ever happens good luck to all in either situation.
  11. USMCTrooper

    USMCTrooper Grim reaper

    I was at the SPA yesterday.

    Word there is: no $, no class, no exam.

    Some of you people might want to exhale now.....
  12. Hartmn

    Hartmn New Member

    As of Mid July there was no money appropriated for a class in 2007, and it implied they did not expect that situation to change.. but stranger things have happened...
  13. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    I wouldn't hold out much hope for this year, last word is that it was a no-go......thank the Big Dig.
  14. graveyardsleeper

    graveyardsleeper New Member

    A friend of mine got their letter the other day. Class starts Oct 23. Supposedly a maintainance class after the screw up with the 79th. Anyone else going?
  15. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Yeah right!!
  16. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

  17. graveyardsleeper

    graveyardsleeper New Member

    I'll expect an apology in October
  18. Tackleberry22

    Tackleberry22 New Member

    I know this may seem a little off the mark, but does the $0 funds also effect the SSPO academies as well?
  19. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    No....they're paid for by their home agencies.
  20. Officer Dunngeon

    Officer Dunngeon Out of the Loop

    What's a "maintenance class?"
  21. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    A small class put through with the intention of only filling out the vacancies caused by Troopers retiring, and not to boost the size of the department. The Connecticut SP does a couple of small (25-35) classes each year rather than huge 130+ recruit classes. It has been hoped by many in the MSP to do small (70-80) recruit classes annually rather than a slew of huge classes and then no recruit classes for years. Not only would it insure a constant supply of new Troopers, it would simplify many of the logistical nightmares at the SPA.
  22. potatochip

    potatochip New Member

    Well, since I was also in that group and didn't "get a letter" I'll be calling bullshit on this also.
  23. Cadet101

    Cadet101 MassCops Member

    No letter here as well
  24. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

    I know not ONE but TWO people that were on the "standby" list for the 79th

    As of today's mail, no letters...

  25. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    Ya, I was a backfill for the 79th and I am pretty sure that if they do any type of RTT I will be there...and I def. did not get any letter
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