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another can i get a job question

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Hi everyone, new to the board and I am 24, been looking for awhile but finally posting. I would love to be in law enforcement and have for awhile now, however, I do not have a cj degree nor any experience. As of right now I work for an insurance company where I have worked for 2years now as a claims adjuster. I am currently working towards my MBA with only 4classes left. Now my question to you guys, do i have a chance? I have always wanted to work in LE but never took it in school, went to a business school instead of getting my CJ because I was intimated by my own size. When I graduated high shcool/freshman in college I weighed maybe 120lbs. Now that I have worked hard in the gyn to get where I am now 170lbs but still not big my any means I would like to finally get into a new career. I am hoping to go to the reserve academy in West Boylston to become a part-time while I finish my MBA. But as you can see I have my own doubts about my size and my background. I am only 5'7 170lbs and look like I am 20 and always worried I wouldn't be taken seriously as an enforcer of the law. Also, I have no degree nor any experience in law enforcement. I have my BS in Small Business Management My background is alright but worried a little about it as my credit is in a rebuilding mode as I had problems in college, but just bought a vehicle and took out a small loan to have an installment loan to help my credit. What do you think? thanks
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As far as your degree goes, don't sweat it... I know cops that got hired with degrees in accounting, Business, nursing, history and I know many guys with NO degress that previously worked construction, electrical, plumbing and even sales... don't sweat it that much... Yes, It does help to have a degree in CJ but not that important... though it may help to take a couple of CJ classes at a Community College or somewhere just to have "under you belt". What part of the state are you from?

Posted Tue Jul 20, 2004 7:51 pm:

You're not going to be able to live off of a reserve salary, but if your plan is just to work part time, the more power to you. Otherwise, keep your day job. Good luck.
Actually in some towns/agencies it can be difficult to live off of a full-timer salary.
I hear Sutton is good... you may wanna try Dudley too.

Another alternative to martial arts would be MOAB = Management Of Aggressive Behavior... now I know it sounds like a anger management class, but it not.. It's a method for de-escalating aggressive individuals, taking control of them. I'm sure there are a few people here that have taken this class and it will help your confidence level immensely. Here's their website
Ahhh, the power of an ear noogie...

Althought the website only lists Instructor courses, you can email them for local classes.. I know they often hold some at the Smith and Wesson academy in springfield. Mass Police jobs are tough... like they said, try elsewhere... the further you're willing to go the better... tons of Jobs in Florida, Cali, Arizona, etc... don't isolate yourself to just MA. You should qualify for a Fed job...

With a Bachelors degree you would qualify for many fed jobs, an MBA will just better your chances. Your degree alone substitutes needed experience. Looking at a couple, you would qualify for US Marshal Service, Secret Service, US Postal Inspector, DEA, ATF..etc.. You'll be surprised...

Here's where you can find all the jobs..
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