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Another $50 on the speeding ticket?

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The proposed [Spinal Cord Injury Trust] will be funded by a $50.00 surcharge to speeding tickets and other moving violations, including drunk driving and reckless driving.
So they are thinking of/planning to add another $50 to the speeding tickets (and other moving violations)... this is now along with the $25 Head Injury Surcharge and another $25 "general fund surcharge" (alternative taxation?).

I wonder how long will it be before we get a laundry list of charities, lining up for their piece of the drivers' pocket. Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, what's next... brain injury? Eyesight injury? Red Cross Blood Donation charge?

To me, it's a tax in disguise. There's got to be a better way to support various injury research institutes than through mandatory fees on speeding tickets.

If one gets pulled over for 40 in a 35 zone, that could be a $150 minimum ticket!
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Quit Crying!!!!!!

Like Macop says "use discretion" look at history/attitude/location
Remember this is Massachusetts. And if you get stopped, that's were your own conscience will guide you
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