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Angry neighbours urinate on glass roof of top restaurant

Residents infuriated by noise at a top New York eatery have responded by urinating on the glass roof of the deli.
The New York Post said management of the New York Delicatessen put up a sign directed at the apartment building where the attacks are originating that read: 'I know not everyone is happy with the Delicatessen, but please stop urinating on the glass roof. I have to buy a new A/C because you did not aim correctly! Thank you.'
The sign directed offenders to a bathroom instead.
Micky Campbell, a resident of the building that overlooks the deli, said he was not surprised by the urine attacks.
Noise made by drunken patrons and garbage pickups had led to a deluge of complaints.
Campbell, 45, said while he's not the urinator, he thought the attacks were 'damn funny, whoever did do it.'
One wag suggested those in glass houses should not throw kidney stones.

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Gives new meaning to the term "Piss off".
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