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Amusing letter from

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Hey Crackhead!

Hopefully no one finds it offensive... I found it to be very amusing :)
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That was GREAT!!!!!!

I really liked:
They explained to me that "people" - I use the term loosely here - like you break off the tops of spark plugs and use the porcelain tubes to smoke crack. As an engineer and former MacGyver fan, in a way I think this is kind of cool. But then I remember that I just paid $100 for YOUR crackpipes, and I get angry again.
Funny....oddly enough, I would have to unofficially endorse option #2.....
Yeah option 2 sounds like a law and order episode.
I needed a good laugh to brighten up my day, thanks. :jump: Got anymore?
Glad you all saw the humor in it that I did... :)

No more now... but will make sure to keep you all posted :)
Great post. I wouldn't doubt the crackhead would sell the pipe for more dope though.
He should be like the crackheads here or steal a nip bottle...drink its contents, and fancy it into a nice reusable crack pipe...very cost effective. He could always go the cheap way and find an empty nip bottle and make a free pipe...
yeah csauce, gotta love those listerine drinkers! Nothing like getting plastered off of mouthwash...

One time my partner and I were in DD on causeway and a "tumbleweed" came up to my partner and asked:

Tumbleweed: "Hey buddy?"
Partner: snaps, "What!?!"

Tumbleweed: "got a smoke?"
Partner: snaps, "NO!"

Tumbleweed: "Got a nickel?"
Partner: "No!!, get away from me"

Tumbleweed: "got a quarter?"
Partner: snaps, "NO!"

Tumbleweed: "How about a buck?"
Partner: "What?, NO!"

Tumbleweed: "...Five bucks?"
Partner: laughs....
Me: out loud in 'DD, "how the fuck did you go from a nickel to five bucks?" everone in the place started cracking up...

Tumbleweed: (reads partners patch) "Oh, you're from MGH, you're the guys that beat up homeless people"
Partner: With pride, because the guy is pissing him off... "Yes!"

Tumbleweed: "I have an appointment today in the clinic at 9, you gonna beat me up?"
Partner: "No, the day shift will !!"

We laughed all night over that guy...
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RPD931 said:
Tumbleweed: "I have an appointment today in the clinic at 9, you gonna beat me up?"
Partner: "No, the day shift will !!"quote

LOL!!!! That is classic.... :lol: :p
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