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Police Officer - 90269203 - Springfield
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Date: Mar 31, 2021
Location: Springfield, MA, US, 01103
Company: Amtrak
Your success is a train ride away.

Amtrak connects businesses and communities across the country and we move America’s workforce toward the future. We employ more than 20,000 diverse, energetic professionals in a variety of career fields throughout the United States. The safety of our passengers, our employees, the public and our operating environment is our priority and the success of our railroad is the result of our employees.

Are you ready to join our team?

Performs general police duties, processes and operations for the protection of life and property and enforces federal, state and local laws, prevents crime and preserves peace in a railroad surface transportation environment.

  • Responsible for the safety and protection of all persons, including passengers, employees and property.
  • Performs patrol duties on foot and in a police vehicle for prolonged periods of time.
  • Performs security and safety activities at incidents, including, but not limited to, derailments, floods, fires, hazardous material incidents, special trains, and company functions involving railroad property and responsibility.
  • Responds to call for service and assistance, identifies hazards and takes proactive steps to resolve problems.
  • Arrests and detains offenders, conducts thorough preliminary and follow-up investigations to solve crimes and reduce criminal opportunities, conducts searches and seizures and serves warrants.
  • Effectively deals with individuals under various circumstances to resolve disputes and neutralize hostilities, mediates disputes; assists individuals who are sick and need assistance, administers first aid when necessary.
  • Maintains proficiency and safely operates police equipment, including vehicles, computers and weapons, including a firearm.
  • Communicates verbally in person and by radio; presents testimony and evidence in administrative, civil and criminal proceedings; maintains open line of communications with law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, internal and external partners, as necessary or when directed.
  • Records information and prepares a variety of detailed reports with clearly organized thoughts and conclusions.
  • Reads, interprets and applies federal, state and local laws and regulations, railroad and department policies and procedures.

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Must be a United States citizen or have the ability to work in the United States
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license at time of appointment
  • Must be able to pass all components of the police application process, including:
  • a written examination, a physical agility test meeting the following standards: Bench Press: 57% of applicant’s weight; Illinois Agility run: 20.6 seconds; 300 meter run: 92 seconds; push ups: 12; and 1.5 mile run: 19:45 minutes; a job related physical examination; a psychological examination and an in-depth background investigation.
  • Ability to obtain a railroad police commission from state of primary assignment or applicant’s state of residence.
  • A certificate of successful completion of a basic police training program at a state authorized training academy.
  • Current related experience as a police officer or similar law enforcement experience.
  • An Associates Degree or 60 credit hours from an accredited college or university
Must have excellent oral and written communication skills

Requisition ID:54534
Posting Location(s):Massachusetts
Job Family/Function:Safety & Security
Relocation Offered:No
Travel Requirements:None

Amtrak employees power our progress through their performance.

We want your work at Amtrak to be more than a job – we want it to be a fulfilling experience where you find challenging and rewarding opportunities, respect among colleagues, competitive pay, benefits that protect you and your family, and a high performance culture that recognizes and values your contributions and helps you reach your career goals.

We proudly support and encourage U.S. Veterans to apply for Amtrak job opportunities.

All positions require pre-employment background verification, medical review and pre-employment drug screen. Amtrak is committed to a safe and drug-free workplace and performs pre-employment substance abuse testing. All new hires are required to undergo a hair drug test which detects the presence of illegal drugs for months prior to testing. Marijuana, notwithstanding any statute, ordinance, regulation, or other law that legalizes or decriminalizes the use or possession of marijuana, whether for medical, recreational, or other use. Candidates who engage in the usage of marijuana will not be qualified for hire. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping Amtrak safe and drug-free.
In accordance with DOT regulations (49 CFR section 40.25), Amtrak is required to obtain prior drug and alcohol testing records for applicants/employees intending to perform safety- sensitive duties for covered Department of Transportation positions. If an applicant/employee refuses to provide written consent for Amtrak to obtain these records, he/she will not permitted to perform safety-sensitive functions.
Note that any education requirement listed above may be deemed satisfied if you have an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
Amtrak is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and we welcome all to apply. We consider candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability (including blindness), or veteran status.

POSTING NOTES: Safety & Security || No Additional
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I know nothing about Amtrak or train policing, and I imagine there are plenty of others on here in a similar position, so it might be nice to hear from anyone familiar with these types of jobs. What’s the typical day like? Pay, especially as your time on the job progresses? OT? Opportunity for advancement? What are the different types of assignments/duties that are possible as an Amtrak cop? Where does their federal authority derive from, and how does that compare with other federal LE jobs? Do they get cross certified or designated by local or state authorities? If you screw up, can they transfer you a thousand miles away to a lonely train station in the middle of nowhere? Do you get Chapter 90? (I’m guessing they do have hats and guns.)


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My Dad worked for the New York Central Railroad for several years, five as a Railroad cop. My Grandfather and my uncle both retired from the RR (not as cops, but, whatever) so with all that history and my Dad's love of the RR (regardless of his 36+ years as a cop in my home town) I have always had that little bit of me that wanted to work as a RR cop, or BULL or whatever. I know the job isn't what it once was but I'm sure it's still got some pretty good stuff going on, just like all of our jobs.

None of this post is really of importance, but I just had to throw it out there.
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I’ve never worked for a railroad agency, so I don’t have any firsthand experience. However, there are some train yards and big train tracks that run through the center of my campus, so I’ve had occasion to talk to a couple Amtrak and Norfolk Southern cops over the years.

From what I understand, Amtrak cops are commissioned under federal law (49 USC 24101 and 49 USC 24305 according to Wikipedia) which grants them law enforcement authority on all Amtrak properties and rights of way. They aren’t sworn in by my state, and instead derive their authority purely from federal law. Some states do swear them in and grant them expanded jurisdiction, but in most cases they’re limited purely to Amtrak property. The Amtrak guy I talked to told me that the vast, vast majority of their assignments are foot posts in stations. Some are assigned a large area of track and smaller stations, and patrol by vehicle, stopping in at various stations and making sure there’s nobody trespassing on or messing with the tracks. They’ll also respond to wrecks involving Amtrak trains.

Usually at the beginning of the semester, all our students will decide to take a nifty shortcut by jumping the fence and crossing the railroad tracks to get across campus. Amtrak and NS don’t take kindly to that, so they usually do an enforcement blitz at the beginning of the year. A couple of their patrol officers would be assigned to sit and write trespassing tickets to everyone for a couple days. My understanding is these tickets go to federal court. In the last few years, they seem to have cut back their patrol units some, or decided that this isn’t worth their time, because they’ve started just paying my department to have off duty officers on detail sit out there and write regular state trespassing citations.

As for chapter 90, I don’t know about MA (I’d wager it’s the same) but here they don’t have general traffic enforcement powers per se, since their jurisdiction is limited purely to their property. The only time they write tickets is for people who disobey the RR crossing signals on their tracks. I guess technically they could sit and pull over every car with an equipment violation that crosses the tracks since they would be within Amtrak jurisdiction for those 10 feet or so, but I’m guessing their bosses would frown upon that.

From what I’ve been told, there is some police work to be done in the bigger stations like NYC, DC, and Chicago, but the smaller stations and mobile patrol units generally don’t run into much, and are told to pass off as much as they can to local jurisdictions. I ran into one Amtrak cop booking someone into our county jail, and I had to walk him through the booking process and show him how to use our state warrant repository because he’d never made an arrest in North Carolina before, despite having been assigned to a patrol route that covered several stops in NC for five years. He told me the only reason he made this arrest was because the guy fought him.

I do know that they have a lot of bomb-detection K9’s and a tac team since they focus on a lot of counter-terrorism work. However, from my understanding, most of those teams are based in the very busy cities with big stations.

As far as getting moved, I was told that you can request to be transferred anywhere, and for certain specialties and promotions you might have to relocate, but if you want to stay as a plain patrol officer in your region for your whole career, they’re not going to force you to move, bar some kind of major disaster.

Overall, I hear it’s a decent job, and the money and retirement is good. Everything here is third hand information, so if I’m wrong on anything, or if anyone has better info, feel free to call me out.

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Amtrak is interesting because they will accept municipal police academy training and put you right into field training if you've already got an academy under your belt. But if you don't, you'll get sent to FLETC.

At least that's how it was a few years ago.

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From what I have read, their main stations are in NYC, DC, Chicago, PA, Boston, Providence. I figured the springfield job would be under Boston station. Either way top step is 70k, RR Amtrak retirement. They prefer municipal academy for the state they are posting the position in. Or in some cases they send you to the local academy then to FLETC.

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I worked there many years ago. Roy is right you can be as busy as you want to be. The only ot was a late arrest or court time. When I came on ,the next senior officer to me had 20 years on the job. They were counting down to retirement and I was just starting out. They weren't real pleased if I got overly proactive. Overall it was a good job. A stepping stone to something better.
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