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Amorous moose puts moves on truck

Attendees at a Hampton, N.H., conference were treated to a strange show when a passing moose apparently attempted to mate with a conferee's pickup truck.

Mike Dunbar, owner of the Windsor Institute, said the moose was putting the moves on a red Ford F-150 pickup as he pulled into the parking lot, reported Thursday.

"I pulled in this morning and at first thought there was a horse in the driveway but then realized it was a moose," Dunbar said. "It kind of circled the truck. It put one leg up and then a second front leg. After
a few minutes, it became obvious what was going on. The people here for classes came outside and started taking pictures. The guy who owned the truck kept beeping his alarm, hoping it would scare it off but I guess
(the moose) thought it was the call of the wild."

Michael Speck, the owner of the truck, said the moose eventually left his vehicle alone -- but scratched up.

"It's a nice truck, red, very pretty," Speck said, laughing. "It was interesting. I feel very blessed."
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