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Amber Alert Issued In Massachusetts For A New Born

Amber Alert Issued In Massachusetts For A New Born
Authorities Looking For Two Men

BOSTON Massachusetts State Police have issued an Amber Alert for the greater Boston area for a missing newborn who is only 19 days old.

Police are looking for a man in connection with the infant's disappearance.

They have identified him as Josh Rosima, 28, described as having black hair, about 5 feet, 5 inches, wearing black and beige pants. Police said he may be armed. Another male may be driving the car.

Authorities are looking for a freshly-painted 1998 White Ford Crown Victoria with a license plate of 5192VR. They said there was also information that cars may have been switched and they are also looking for a red, 1994 Subaru SVX.

The baby was identified as Michael Stephen Ruda of East Boston.

Boston Police are asking that anyone with any information contact them at (617) 343-4220.

Posted Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:01 pm:

Abducted newborn found in Malden after Amber Alert issued
By Staff And Associated Press | August 9, 2004

Police say the 19-day-old boy who was reported abducted from his mother in East Boston this morning has been found safe in Malden. The baby's father, Jose Lizama (also known as Jose Granados), 28,was taken into custody for the abduction.


WBZ Radio is reporting that the baby, Michael Steven Rauda, has been reuinited with his mother, Alyana Rauda, 19.

The kidnapping prompted State Police to issue an Amber Alert. According to that alert, Lizama fled in a 1998 White Crown Victoria. The car, Lizama, and the baby were the subjects of a day-long search across the state.

Malden Police Patrolman Jesus Montoya says officers spotted the suspect's empty vehicle around 6:30 p.m. Monday on Lebanon Street. Lizama and the infant were found a short time later in the immediate area.

Police said Lizama snatched the infant from its mother at the intersection of Prescott and Saratoga Streets as she was on her way to East Boston District Court with two female friends at about 8:30 a.m. to get a restraining order against the father.

According to Boston police, an automobile pulled up, Lizama got out of the car and grabbed the child from a carseat the mother was carrying. Police said the couple struggled for a moment and Rauda received slight bruises on her right arm but he was able to take the child and hand it off to a man who was seated in the car.

There were news reports the man had threatened the mother of his child last week. Both the father and mother of the child are reported to have come to the Boston area from El Salvador.

The Amber Alert works similar to the National Weather Service storm emergency reports that broadcasts on radio and television stations are interrupted with a warning signal so that State Police can make the special broadcast. Highway traffic signs also are used to transmit the alert.

Today was the second time in less than two weeks the Amber Alert system has been activated in Massachusetts.

On July 30 two teenage girls were reported kidnapped in Everett.

The alert was sent out and several hours later a man who had heard the alert on his car radio spotted the car reported involved in the abduction and alerted a police officer on traffic duty in Stoughton.

A short time later police reported the car went off the road and the driver fled leaving the two girls in the vehicle. That evening the man was taken in custody following a massive manhunt in Stoughton when a police dog found him hidden in some bushes.

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stm4710 @ 8/9/2004 10:43:56 PM said:
Chalk up another sucessful capture to the amber alert.
Seem's since it was put in place bad guys dont have a prayer anymore! :lol:
The capture and find was the result of the amber alert?

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Wow, that's great that they found him. I've been working for the past 2 days straight so I didn't hear anything. How'd they find him?

I was at my other work when the Amber Alert went over the radio on Monday. I felt so bad.
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