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Heres a short story of something I just encountered.

I was on my home from a fun filled night at work, I was driving down 93 south just crossing over 128. When I saw a small blk Hyundai traveling in the same direction, he was stratling the right lane. He going the same direction I was so I just sat back and watched this guy go from lane to lane to lane, I mean he was going from the right ,then to the left then to the right again and he was stratling the lines at times. At 1st I wasnt sure if the guy was looking for his cell phone or just plain shit faced.

Well I pulled up next to him and looked over and he looked like he was making love to the steering wheel, his eyes were half closed.He looked like he was trying despritly to see out the windshield ( which he was).

Anyway at that point I was like this guy is shitty, so I called 911 and after what seemed to be eternity(after being connected to the local barracks) I got a Trooper on the phone gave the plate and a desrciption of the vehicle and what he was doing.

By this time we where neering the medford somerville line. There where afew Troopers doing a detail on the left hand side that didnt notice his crazy driving, the dispatcher said he had a patrol vehicle coming up behind me nearing my location.

Well this Boob made to somerville and the lanes narrow, it must of totally confused him and he ran into about 3 barrells that just nearly hit a Troopers cruiser doing a detail. The look on the Troopers face was like WTF when the barrell came flying toward him.

Anyway the DK pulled over at that point and got out of his car. Then shortly after that 3 more Troopers showed up. I didnt stick around to see what the final event was but one of the Tropper was doing feild sobriety test and another said he had a prior oui. At that point I was no longer needed and I left, I'm assuming he got locked up because like I said he was all over the place.

Well good job MSP they were all over that. Just thought I'd share that, All I could think of was what if he crashed into someone and killed them.

After I left I was thinking about that Trooper that got hit not to long ago by the drunken teenager, I thought he was gong to hit the Troopers cruiser that was on detail.

Anyway, to all those doing late night details, keep your eyes open and stay safe, because you just never know what the hell is going to come your way.

I just thought I'd share that with you guys.

P.S.: Dont mind any spelling erros it 4:30 am and I'm beat.
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