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The man accused of plunging a knife into the chest of a Dorchester dad was in the air plotting a tropical life on the lam yesterday when investigators caught wind of his plan and beat him to a Jamaica airport to arrest him, authorities said.
Prosecutors will begin extradition proceedings against Richard Parris, 39, in an attempt to bring him back to Boston to face murder charges in the killing of Sheldon Andrews, a father of two girls, ages 7 and 3. Andrews, 27, was stabbed multiple times on Geneva Avenue on Aug. 27.
Two off-duty firefighters reached the scene before the first ambulance arrived and used several firehouse T-shirts in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the bleeding and save his life.
A spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley's office said Parris planned to flee the country for Barbados and yesterday boarded a flight out of Atlanta. After the plane took off, Boston police homicide detectives found out the suspect was airborne.
"We learned he was on the plane while it was still in the air," Conley's spokesman Jake Wark said.
But they still had a chance to catch him before he landed in Barbados, Wark said, because Parris had a layover in Jamaica. The downtime gave U.S. Marshals and local authorities the time they needed to catch up to Parris before he boarded his Barbados-bound plane.
"Fortunately, Mr. Parris missed his connection," Wark said.
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