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Alleged bank robber flees, applies for job

A DANISH man on trial for bank robbery escaped from court during a recess only to be apprehended hours later at a company where he was applying for a job, police said yesterday.

The 21-year-old man, who was not named, escaped from two police escorts as he took a break with his lawyer on the steps of the Nykoebing Falster court house, 100km south of Copenhagen, local police duty officer Ole Hald said.

A local radio station sounded the alert and a listener contacted police after spotting the man at the company where he worked, Mr Hald said.

He told sceptical police officers he made off because he was eager to get back onto the straight and narrow by finding honest work.

"We rather suspect that he wanted to hide and thereby escape the police patrols that were out looking for him," Mr Hald said.,23599,24286631-13762,00.html
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