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Discussion in 'Sports & Recreation' started by 7costanza, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    Moson sucks and sucked in that fight. What a bore fest if Fedor was "Elite" he would have ended it without banging some 5' 8" dude for 15 minutes.

    When was the last time Fedor fought someone good? Oh that's right, the fight before Moson where he got knocked the fuck out. fedor vs henderson MMA fight - STRIKEFORCE - YouTube

    Face it the dude beats up Tomato Cans.
  2. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    As much as I love Fedor I agree with you Sgt. He should drop to 205,move to the US and train with a different camp and I bet he would be a great light heavy weight.

    MARINECOP MassCops Member

    Fedor fought calm and picked his shots against a BJJ/ground game fighter(Monson). If he would have took that same game plan against Werdum then he would have won that fight easily. (You must know this because everyone else does) He has always gone in for kill every time and that is why he lost at least 2 of his 4 losses. A fighter that always goes in for the kill is what everyone wants to see and respects. He did that against Hendo and got rocked by one uppercut. Then he recovered and rolled onto his back to defend. On any MMA website most will say that it was an early stoppage because Fedor can recover very quickly. It is believed that because the UFC bought Strikeforce they wanted Fedor stopped at any chance when he may have been in trouble in the fight. There are hundreds of threads about the subject on the top five MMA sites. (FYI, MMA is just as corrupt as boxing) Based on his past fights in PRIDE FC one would know that Fedor can take a KO shot, recover and win! I am not going to list all the fighter he beat when they were in their PRIME. You can research that for yourself. Also, it's funny how after he beat those fighters when they were in their prime that after the UFC takeover of Pride FC that the UFC signed them to fight contracts. Why would the UFC sign cans to their heavy weight division? They could have said yes we own Pride FC, but we think you guys are not worthy to be in the UFC's HW division because we have our own heavy weights. Signed cans by the UFC! These guys fought under different rules, which caused them to take more damage in Japan. They were more battered there than in the USA. Soccer kicks to the face, face stomps, knees to the face to a grounded opponent!!! All the USA has over Japan is elbows, which do not KO and only cut and bloody an opponent. If you read my post above then you would know where I stand on Fedor and what that fight was about.
  4. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    I like you too much to go back and forth. :teeth_smile:

    The bottom line for me is Fedor hasn't had an impressive fight in four fights. I love seeing the "Mountain top" champion that everybody is afraid to fight. Arguably Fedor had that title until the last 18 months before nobodies started beating him down. He then wins a decision against some tomato can that Cain, Dos Santos, and Lesnar would have put out in round 1. I want to like him but it's literally all hype.

    Do you honestly think Cain, Dos Santos, or Lesnar would have gone the distance against JEFF MONSON? A 5' 8" ball of rubber bands? Devil Dog get past the homerism.

    ETA: Im having you over for the next BIG HW fight in the UFC. :smug:
  5. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    Looking forward to some free MMA on Fox, looks like a great free card. My buddy is opening another MMA gym up my way soon and will propably have some big names come for the grand opening, ill let you know the details when i find out. Anyone see any good fights lately I've been slacking.
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    MARINECOP MassCops Member

    The FOX deal is a good one for MMA fans, but it is also making the UFC more of a monopoly. Strikeforce has put on some great fights lately. It is on Showtime.
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  7. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

  8. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

  9. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    I heard whoever wins Condit VS Diaz will be fighitng GSP. Personally I don't think either will make it to the end of round 1 with GSP.

    MARINECOP MassCops Member

    GSP has a torn ACL so Condit and Diaz are fighting for his belt. I am really hoping Condit takes it. You are right though. I feel either fighter would not stand a chance against GSP, he is way to smart and will make them fight his type of fight.

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