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Alaska glacier wreckage is 1950s cargo plane crash

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      June 27: This image provided by the U.S. Air Force shows an undated photo of a C-124A Globemaster cargo aircraft similar to the plane that went down on the Colony Glacier. (AP Photo/U.S. Air Force)

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    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The wreckage of a military plane found this month on an Alaska glacier is that of an Air Force plane that crashed in 1952, killing all 52 people aboard, military officials said Wednesday.
    Army Capt. Jamie Dobson said evidence found at the crash site correlates with the missing C-124A Globemaster, but military is not eliminating other possibilities because much investigation still needs to be done.
    Processing DNA samples from relatives of those on board the plane could take up to six years, Dobson said.
    "We're still at the very beginning of this investigation," she said. "This is very close to the starting line, not the finish line."
    The Alaska National Guard discovered wreckage and possibly bones June 10 on Colony Glacier.

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