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Airport Safety and Security Officer
Massachusetts Port Authority - Worcester, MA
The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is currently accepting applications for the position of Airport Safety and Security Officer (Bargaining Unit, Local Union No. 495) in the Aviation Department at Worcester Regional Airport. The Airport Safety and Security Officer performs airfield security, emergency medical and ARFF work at Worcester Regional Airport to prevent illegal entry onto the airfield, control access of personnel and vehicles in compliance with Massport and TSA rules and regulations and provide emergency medical and fire fighting responses to all airport incidents and accidents.

Essential Tasks of the Job:
Operates as Security Officer.
1. Checks Massport issued security badges and other valid forms of identification, along with vehicle permits and identification.
2. Ensures all badges and permits are valid.
3. Issues Massport security badges in accordance with Massport policies and procedures.
4. Searches vehicles and individuals as necessary to prevent unauthorized acts.
5. Provides vehicle security escorts as required.
6. Issues and maintains vehicle access media in accordance with Massport policies and procedures.
7. Enforces parking restrictions.
8. Provides terminal, perimeter and lot security patrols as required.
9. Responds to all security concerns as per the Airport Security Plan (ASP).
10. Monitors Access Control System (ACS) and responds to alarms and/or unusual occurrences.

Enforces compliance with Massport and TSA regulations.
1. Completes violation forms and submits form to appropriate party.
2. Attends hearings regarding violations as necessary.
Reports major violations and threats to public safety to the State Police and Massport Operations, and takes immediate action when necessary.
1. Contacts appropriate parties via radio or telephone.
Operates as a First Responder.
1. Responds to all medical emergencies and provides emergency medical care.
Assists in compiling special data as requested.
1. Maintains daily log.
2. Writes reports as needed.
Operates as ARFF Officer.
1. Attends training as required to maintain all ARFF qualifications.
2. Conducts daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual inspections of ARFF, safety and fire fighting facilities and/or equipment. Completes minor repairs and/or preventative maintenance work.
3. Provides emergency response to all airport incidents and accidents in accordance with the Airport Certification Manual (ACM) and/or departmental policies.
4. Carries department issued cell phone in accordance with Massport policies.
5. Provide internal and external training relating to security, fire and/or medical responses.
6. Communicates with and coordinates mutual aid emergency response personnel as required.
7. Assists the chief of the department as fire marshal.
Provides operational Support.
1. When operationally necessary as determined by the Authority, supplements maintenance operators during irregular snow removal operations.
Performs other duties as required.

Cleans security and ARFF facilities and equipment as necessary.

Safeguards all Personal Protected information (PPI) /Sensitive Security Information (SSI) in accordance with 49 CFR Parts 15 and 1520 and supporting Massport policies and procedures.
Performs supervisory duties in accordance with departmental structure (OIC) or as assigned by the chief (Ranking Officer).

Job Requirements and Qualifications:
EDUCATION LEVEL: Ability to read, write, follow instructions, and demonstrate basic oral, written, mathematical, and manual skills including the ability to operate computer and machinery. Ability to communicate in Standard English.
EXPERIENCE IN FIELD/RELATED FIELD: 1 - 3 years of military, police/security experience preferred; 3 years of basic firefighting/EMT experience required.

1. Must be able to meet the appointment criteria for a special state police officer within first year of employment with Massport under Massachusetts General Law (MGL) c.22C, 58 and maintain that status while employed. As required by Massachusetts regulations, U.S. citizenship is required for this position.**Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement between NAGE Local 495, a new employee is on a trial period during his/her first twelve (12) calendar months of employment and during this period he/she may be dismissed for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to properly meet the requirements and/or qualification of the position.**
2. Ability to attend annual in-service training programs approved by the Colonel of the State Police. During training use of all tobacco products is prohibited.
3. Massachusetts Class D (III) driver's license unrestricted except for corrective lenses and automatic transmission. Massachusetts CDL (training provided by Massport).
4. Ability to pass airfield driving test and obtain Aerodrome Ramp and Apron License.
5. Ability to pass Massport security clearance and obtain a Massport Security Badge.
6. Ability to pass a thorough background check.
7. Ability to pass Massport pre-placement physical, personality assessment, controlled substances testing and background security checks.
8. Fire Fighter I and II Certification.
9. ARFF Certification within first 6 months of employment.
10. Emergency Medical Technician within first year of employment.
11. Must obtain a Class A Firearms permit within first 6 months of employment.
12. Must be able to attend and successfully complete a Police Academy approved by the Colonel of the State Police within the first year of employment with Massport. **Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement between NAGE Local 495, a new employee is on a trial period during his/her first twelve (12) calendar months of employment and during this period he/she may be dismissed for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to properly meet the requirements and/or qualification of the position.**

Supplemental Information:
Environmental Parameters: Ability to work in an airport environment and on the airfield, in all weather conditions (hot, cold, humid, dry, wet, and during pollen season); the ability to work in an environment with conditions which may include: fumes, odors, gases, chemicals, and dust as well as decibels in the range of 65 100. The ability to respond to major fire fighting incidents with heavy equipment.

Physical Demands:
Strength: Ability to restrain (using handcuffs or other authorized equipment) and hold those attempting illegal entry without subjecting self to injury or physical harm. Ability to lift/move up to 70 lbs, and to push the iron gates open and to pull the iron gates closed.

Type: Ability to demonstrate clarity of vision beyond 20 feet; three dimensional vision to distinguish vehicles; and color vision to identify access level markings. Ability to stand, walk and bend over/into cars, climb up onto trucks and large vehicles.
WORK SCHEDULE: Ability to work any shift as assigned including weekends and holidays for a 40 hour work week. Must have the ability to work a flexible schedule when assigned.
EQUIPMENT USED: Authorized security equipment as issued including but not limited to firearms, computer, 2-way radio, telephone, keypad, keycards and other MPA equipment.

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Start applying chapstick and writing checks now.
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Start applying chapstick and writing checks now.
Believe it or not, because of the unique qualifications, it's possible to get an interview. I had the job last time they posted and then there was a hiring freeze in Worcester and I decided I wasn't going to drive to Worcester anyway. BUT I had not one political dime to drop. Actually, come to think of it, both Massport jobs I applied for, I got interviews and one was frozen, and the second I got called for a second interview and I declined because the job was gonna be boring as hell.

The point is, if you're qualified, apply. If you want specifics on this job, PM me.
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I applied and got a couple calls for a interview but it was only for that location with no availability to transfer pay was low from my current position .

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Ive posted information on this job before the information i have gotten from acquaintances who work/worked there. It is more geared toward the fire side. They do have cruisers and wear police uniforms (not sure if they got their guns back yet) but mainly patrol inside the airfield. There are no commercial flights nor are any expected in the near future. Its an uneventful job that offers no law enforcement experience, but plenty of fire training. You are at the mercy of Massport operations personnel who oversee these guys and they are far below the average intelligence bar. The chief is a nice kid but he is just that, a kid. He has no law enforcement experience and only went through the p/i academy when he was hired there. Its a stepping stone job. There is no where to go and turnover is high.

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but plenty of fire training.
Nope. They will send you to ARFF school, but that's it. Because they are not recognized as an actual fire department, they cannot attend Mass DFS courses, and for the most part, Massport FD wants nothing to do with them. They flat out told me sanctioned training was few and far between.[/quote]

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They send you to ARFF (aircraft firefighting) school, plus every year, they go to Logan for a live fire exercise plus every month they have a 4 hour in house training on more fire stuff. They provide 0 law enforcement training. The current staff has just the p/i academy and no other experience. A long time ago, they used to go to the Worcester police academy, but 2 things happened; 1. Massport got their hands into it 2. the city completely shut the airport guys out. They're not considered police and their not considered fire. Just seems to be a Massport misfit but at least its a job.
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