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Discussion in 'Federal Agencies' started by BSP1, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. BSP1

    BSP1 New Member

    How is the academy for an air marshal and how hard is it and how long is the hole process at Artesia and then in Atlantic City. Please PM with any info???
  2. romeobravogolf

    romeobravogolf MassCops Member

    from TSA: Federal Air Marshal
    Federal Air Marshals begin their service by attending a seven-week residential training course in Artesia, New Mexico, followed by an additional seven weeks at the FAMS Training Academy in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The employee must reside at each location for the duration of the training.
    Two seven week academies would make the whole process 14 weeks (approx 3 months)

    You might be interested in this article which touches on FAM training: My Life As An Air Cop - TIME
    TSA: More than 40 New Air Marshals Take to the Skies

    The OLE/FAMS have some of the most stringent requirements for firearms proficiency (as you would be shooting in the close quarters of an aircraft cabin) and heavy emphasis on hand-to-hand combat in the Academy. Like many academies for federal LEOs, it is a demanding academy, so if you have to ask how hard it is...

    With that said, best of luck!

  3. uspresident1

    uspresident1 MassCops Member

    I can only speak for the first half of their academy. The training is Artesia is a lot more laid back than the BP academy (walking around with sunglasses and cell phones). No marching around or any of that good stuff. Lots of shooting Wooooo. Training is top notch and you train usually at least 2 days a month while on the job depending what office your at. Good luck.
  4. BSP1

    BSP1 New Member

    thanks just trying to get as much info about the academy as possible

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