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Guay Due To Be Released After Serving Sentence For Killing Nashua Boy

CONCORD, N.H. -- Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is trying to keep the killer of a 12-year-old Nashua boy from returning to New Hampshire if he is released from prison.

Ayotte said Raymond Guay poses an unacceptable risk to New Hampshire residents. She wrote to Thomas Tarr, the chief U.S. probation officer in New Hampshire, who said he shares the same concerns.

Guay is due to be released Monday from a federal prison in West Virginia. He has been in prison for 35 years for serious offenses, including the 1973 murder of John Lindovski.
There is a chance that Guay could be kept behind bars by the federal government under a law that allows for civil commitment of sexually violent predators, whether or not they have been convicted of a sex crime.

Tarr said if released, Guay probably would not come back to New Hampshire and that arrangements are in place for him to go to the Los Angeles area.

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NASHUA, N.H. -- Child murderer Raymond Guay is set to return to New Hampshire on Monday after 35 years behind bars and despite protests from federal and state officials.A judge in Los Angeles has ruled that Guay must be allowed to return to New Hampshire when released from federal prison in West Virginia on Monday. Guay pleaded guilty to murdering John Lindovski, 12, of Nashua, after abducting him in 1973. The boy tried to escape but Guay chased him down and shot him in the face, leaving his body in the woods.Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said Guay is a threat and had asked federal officials to keep him out of New Hampshire.
Law enforcement familiar with the case share a grave concern about his criminal history and safety in the community," Deputy New Hampshire Attorney General Bud Fitch said. "Certainly, we will take all available steps to ensure he remains law abiding."Ayotte and Thomas Tarr, the chief federal probation officer in the state, had hoped a federal civil commitment panel would allow authorities to keep Guay in custody by finding him a dangerous sexual predator. The panel refused and Guay will be set free on Monday.Lindovski's mother, Charlotte Davis, never wanted Guay to be released, but she's confident that New Hampshire law enforcement officials closely monitor him."Everyone in that whole entire area will be right on top of this. They will watch his every move," Davis said.Because Guay was convicted of only a second-degree murder charge, he will not be listed on any kind of state offender registry."Unfortunately, the decision of the federal authorities has left us where the best available tool is to be very watchful," Fitch said.Tarr said he believed that if released, Guay likely would have moved to the Los Angeles area. He said he was surprised at the judge's order and said his office was scrambling to develop a plan for dealing with Guay when he is released.Davis said she hopes watchfulness will be enough, but she's terrified Guay will slip through the cracks."I have a feeling in my heart he's going to do something as soon as he gets out, and that would be the end of it, but I hope it isn't at the expense of another child or another set of parents to have to go through this," she said.Guay finished serving his sentence for killing Lindovski some time ago but remained incarcerated for an assault with intent to kill that took place while he was in prison in 1990.

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Mayor Demands Convicted Child Killer Be Removed From City

Man Placed In Manchester Boarding House After Release

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta and the Board of Aldermen are demanding that a convicted child killer be removed from the city.

Statement From Mayor Frank Guinta On Raymond Guay's Relocation

Raymond Guay was convicted of killing John Lindovski, 12, of Hollis, N.H., in 1973. He was released from prison on Monday and is living at an undisclosed rooming house in the city.
Guinta said that he contacted Thomas Tarr, the chief U.S. probation officer for New Hampshire, and demanded that Guay be removed from the city.

"Mr. Tarr's support of this relocation greatly troubles me and causes me to question the judgment of his agency," Guinta said. "This is an affront to the law-abiding citizens of Manchester."

Tarr said the original plan was to send Guay to Los Angeles.

"They could not find a program out there or placement for him," Tarr said. "Their only plan was to bring him to a shelter."

Despite an outcry from New Hampshire's attorney general, the chief judge in Los Angeles decided that sending Guay back to his home state, where he has family, would be best. But the state was only left with one option after Guay's brother in Washington, N.H., decided not to let him move in.

"Manchester was never a destination point at any time," Tarr said. "It became a default location."

An unnamed religious group helped Guay get temporary housing. Tarr said he is not under any restrictions as far as coming and going, but probation officials plan to monitor him.

When Guay was sentenced to up to 25 years in prison in 197s, there was no sentence of life without parole available, according to Warren Rudman, who was attorney general at the time. Guay is also not on the list of registered sex offenders.

"The law as it existed 35 years ago and the absence of any evidence of sexual assault -- although I have no doubt that was the intention -- kind of allowed Mr. Guay to drop between the cracks, so to speak."

Guinta said that if Guay isn't removed from Manchester, he will hold a special meeting and demand that Tarr attend.

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Slain Boy's Friend Fears For Community's Safety

60-Year-Old Man Returns To New Hampshire After Prison Sentence

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A boy's murder 35 years ago forever shaped a woman with whom WMUR News 9 spoke on Wednesday.

Raymond Guay, 60, a convicted child killer who recently moved to Manchester said Wednesday that he has changed his ways and is not a threat. State and city leaders have demanding that he be moved (More).

Full Text: Governor's Letter On Relocation Of Raymond Guay

Childhood Friend Recalls Victim
Guay kidnapped and killed 12-year-old Nashua boy in 1973 and was recently released from prison in West Virginia after serving his sentence, along with additional time for assaulting an inmate.

Ann -- who wouldn't show her face on camera or allow WMUR to use her last name -- was frightened for her safety back then. She is equally scared now knowing her friend's killer is out of prison.
She is one amongst a growing list of people in New Hampshire want Guay removed from the state, including the governor.

Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, Police Chief David Mara and the Board of Aldermen have demanded that the U.S. Probation Department remove Guay from Manchester. Gov. John Lynch joined the call on Wednesday to move Guay, sending a letter to the state's U.S. Probation Office.

"He has no substantial connections to Manchester and is an unacceptable public safety risk to the citizens of this state," Lynch wrote in the letter. "I call upon you to immediately remove Mr. Guay from the City of Manchester and return him to West Virginia."

Ann has visited John Lindovski's grave at the Edgewood Cemetery in Nashua every week for the last 35 years to leave her friend a penny -- something few would understand, but, to her, it makes perfect sense.

Ann was a friend of the slain boy when he was 12 and obsessed with collecting coins.

"It was a big thing to him. He always loved his pennies," she said.

The two had left a square dance at Charlotte Avenue School together on Feb. 9, 1973, just minutes before he was kidnapped and killed, not knowing that would be the last time she would see her best friend.

"I went down the next street and he went down this street," Ann said. "At that time, when we left, I had just planned on seeing him later or talking to him later on. I never had any idea this could happen."

Ann said she wanted to talk, to share a penny for her thoughts: "He did not see a prom, he did not grow up to get married have his own children, go on vacation, enjoy life. He didn't have that ... We lost a very good person all because of this man. We don't want to lose another one."

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Their only plan was to bring him to a shelter. What a GREAT idea!!! Same thing we do with the mentally ill and wonder why they get sick again. How about this, forget nursing homes we can send everyone to a shelter!!!

Can't they ban him from the city using some old law or something? Or mysteriously throw the guy off of a bridge!

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Raymond Guay Relocated Out Of New Hampshire

Convicted Killer Placed In Structured Release Program

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A convicted child killer has been moved out of New Hampshire after state and local officials raised objections to his living arrangements.

Raymond Guay, 60, was living in a rooming house in Manchester since his release from prison in West Virginia. Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, Police Chief David Mara and Gov. John Lynch had all demanded that the U.S. Bureau Probation Office find another home for Guay.

Read: Mayor Guinta's Statement On Guay Removal

Monday morning, Lynch's office announced that Guay had been moved out of the state. His new location was not released.

"We understand Raymond Guay has been moved into a structured release program out of state, which I believe is in his best interest and the public's," Lynch said.

"My hope is that Mr. Guay gets the professional treatment that he needs in a facility that specializes in such cases," Guinta said.

Guay kidnapped and killed a 12-year-old Nashua, N.H., boy in 1973. He moved to Manchester after a housing placement in Los Angeles fell through and his brother in Washington, N.H., decided against letting him live there.

Previous Stories:

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Gee - even the jackasses BROTHER wont let him live with him. THAT has to tell you something.

I think its great that Manchesters leaders spoke up. MORE communities should do that ... why should decent law abiding citizens have to live side by side with diddlers and murders?

Maybe Palin will get in office and create some kind of settlement for them - let them run around and molest each other...

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Officials Concerned Child Killer Could Return

Concord Named As Place Where Guay Could Be Placed

CONCORD, N.H. -- New Hampshire officials said they were outraged Friday to learn that a convicted child killer could soon be returning to the state.

Raymond Guay Jr. spent 35 years in prison for the 1973 killing of a 12-year-old Hollis boy. Guay was released from prison in the fall and lived in Manchester, N.H., until city leaders made it clear he was not welcome there.

Guay is scheduled to be released from a federal halfway house next week, and a federal judge has ordered that Guay serve his three-year probation in New Hampshire. Concord was listed as one of two locations being considered for Guay's relocation.

"(Federal officials) didn't really give me a legitimate reason as to why he needed to come to Concord," said Concord Police Chief Robert Barry.

While Guay was serving time for the death of the Hollis boy, he escaped twice. During one of those escapes in 1982, he broke into a home on Clinton Street in Concord.

"He broke into their house, tied them up, ate their food, slept in their beds while they were tied up in another room of their house," Barry said.

This is not the first time federal officials have tried to place Guay in New Hampshire. In September, he was placed in Manchester, but because Guay hadn't done time in a halfway house, the state and city were able to get him removed.

Barry said the attorney general's office has told him there is nothing Concord can do to prevent Guay from being placed there.

"They told us, unfortunately, we don't have any official or legal recourse in this matter," he said.

Gov. John Lynch has sent the federal government a letter saying Guay has no substantial connection to New Hampshire and he is an unacceptable safety risk to the citizens of the state.

Barry said he should find out later Friday whether Guay will be relocated to the city or to another undisclosed location in New Hampshire.

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August 5, 2008: Family Fights To Keep Child's Killer In Prison

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Federal Judge Places Child Killer In Concord

CONCORD, N.H. -- Under a federal judge's orders, convicted child killer Raymond Guay Jr. has been placed in Concord.

Concord Police Chief Robert Barry said Guay was moved into the city Wednesday night by U.S. Probation officers.

Barry said the situation is not ideal, but described Guay's location as "appropriate."

"We would rather he not be in Concord, but the location he's at temporarily in Concord is appropriate," said Barry.

Guay spent 35 years in prison for the 1973 killing of 12-year-old John Lindovski, of Hollis. He was released from prison in the fall and lived in Manchester, N.H., until city and state leaders had him removed because he had not spent time in a halfway house.

Barry said Concord schools have been notified but said there's no additional supervision of Guay's activities beyond the terms of his three-year probation.

Barry said police will know if Guay will remain in Concord in the next few days.

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Just put a blind fold on the guy. Put him in a trunk and keep driving until you run out of land in Canada. Then leave the car there.

Sorry I have no SYMPATHY for Child MURDERERS.

Their is NO EXCUSE to abuse or kill Children, Mentally Retarded, Eldery and Disabled (defined in my opinion is blind, wheelchair bound, etc.)

None what so ever!

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Crowd Protests At Child Killer's New Home In Chichester

Police, Residents Angry Over Lack Of Info Over Guay's Relocation

CONCORD, N.H. -- An angry crowd of residents gathered Saturday in Chichester in an area near where convicted child killer Raymond Guay is now living.

Angry Residents Want Raymond Guay Moved

Federal probation officials moved Guay on Friday night from Concord to stay in Chichester with family of his church leader, who said Guay became a devout Christian while in prison. Because of shared values, they are taking him in despite having four children in the home, WMUR News 9's Adam Sexton reported.
Neighbors said they understand the impulse, but think the head of the household should have let people know who he was bringing to the community. They gathered Saturday to vent frustration over Guay's arrival.
"Now you can kind of put a face to what that stranger you're not supposed to (see) looks like," said Anne Banks, of Chichester.
"I have high respect for this gentleman and have known him seven years. I am disappointed I was not informed. My children are at his house on a regular basis," said Kenneth Smith, of Chichester.
Chichester Police Chief Patrick M. Clarke said Guay was moved to an undisclosed location but residents quickly learned the address.
"I haven't been formally notified he's here other than secondhand information from Detective Flanagan in Concord," said Clarke, who awaits the receipt of information from the U.S. Probation Office.
The Merrimack County Sheriff said that lack of communication is making this situation more difficult for police.
"The notification process needs to be done in a way we can notify the community," Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard said.
Guay was placed in New Hampshire Wednesday night under a federal judge's order after he completed his prison sentence. Guay will complete his probation here.
Guay spent 35 years in prison for the 1973 killing of John Lindovski, 12, of Nashua. He was released from prison in the fall and lived in Manchester until city and state leaders had him removed because he had not spent time in a halfway house.

Crowd Protests At Child Killer's New Home In Chichester - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR Manchester

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New England pastor houses child killer, riles town

CHICHESTER, N.H. - A pastor in this quiet, picturesque New England town thought he was doing the Christian thing when he took in a convicted child killer who had served his time but had nowhere to go. But some neighbors of the Rev. David Pinckney vehemently disagree, one even threatening to burn his house down after officials could find no one else willing to take 60-year-old Raymond Guay.
"Politicians think they can dump their trash in our small town," said one neighbor, Jon Morales, whose girlfriend and two children live across an unpaved road from Pinckney's home.
Chichester, a town of about 2,200 residents in south-central New Hampshire, has been in an uproar since the weekend, when police announced that Guay would spend two months with Pinckney's family.
About 40 angry residents protested outside the home Saturday, Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard said. One protester blustered that he wanted to set it on fire, he said.
Town leaders were expected Tuesday night to ask state and federal officials to remove Guay from town.
Guay already had a criminal record when he was charged in 1973, at age 25, with abducting and murdering a 12-year-old boy in Nashua. Authorities said he planned to sexually assault the boy, whose body was clad only in socks and undershorts.
Guay pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to up to 25 years. He kidnapped a Concord couple after briefly escaping from the nearby state prison in 1982 and was sent to a federal prison in California, where he stabbed an inmate in 1991, court records show.
After 35 years behind bars, he was released in September and ordered to serve his parole in New Hampshire. Guay's release followed a failed attempt by state officials to keep him incarcerated as a dangerous sexual predator under federal law.
Guay went instead to a halfway house in Connecticut but was returned to New Hampshire last week. Residents of Concord, where Pinckney leads a nondenominational congregation, loudly protested plans to put him there.
A Concord prison chaplain contacted Pinckney, who agreed to take Guay in after meeting him and clearing it with his wife and four children, ages 13 to 18. Guay is staying there while he looks for a job and place to live.
Pinckney did not return calls or answer the door when a reporter visited his house, but he assured the town in an open letter published Tuesday that Guay poses no threat.
"We would not be doing this if we thought we were endangering our town, neighbors or children," he wrote.
Though Guay "has committed some horrendous crimes in his past," he has been on "a very different course" since a religious transformation in 1993, Pinckney said.
Pinckney has told Guay he may only leave the house in a car with another adult and can live with the family for no more than two months.
Town resident Christine Swain, who has children ages 6 and 16, isn't reassured.
"There's so many kids in this community, and you just fear for them," she said. "You always do what's best for your children."
Another resident said Monday that she felt Guay deserved a second chance, but she spoke on condition of anonymity because she feared reprisals from neighbors.

Some outsiders are more forthcoming.
Conrad Mandsager of Nottingham worked for Prison Fellowship - a faith-based group that helps parolees find jobs - in the 1980s.
Mandsager said he took in a violent criminal to live with his family of five in 1988. Sentenced for attempted murder and kept in solitary confinement for his role in a prison riot, the man turned his life around while living with Mandsager and working at a job through the Prison Fellowship, Mandsager said.
He disagrees with Chichester officials who say Guay would do better in a city with more jobs and other resources.
"You create more opportunities for problems by putting (convicts) in a larger city where there's no accountability," Mandsager said. He expects better results in a home like Pinckney's, "where there's accountability and care and love for the guy."
Little love for Guay is expected Tuesday evening, when a large crowd is sure to gather for the regular meeting of the town Board of Selectmen.
Selectman Richard DeBold expects the selectmen to ask state and federal officials to remove Guay - but he stressed that the selectmen have no legal authority in the matter. "We have a very small police force with limited resources," DeBold said. "Just knowing those issues, this is not the appropriate place for (Guay)."

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Mom fears killer will strike again

Ex-con living with N.H. pastor

By Marie Szaniszlo
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Raymond Guay

The mother of a boy murdered 36 years ago by a man who has since been taken in by a New Hampshire pastor after his release from prison fears he may kill again.
Charlotte Davis said she attended every parole hearing for Raymond Guay until she moved to Colorado 2 years ago and received a letter from a federal penitentiary notifying her that Guay was about to be released.
"You can imagine the horror I felt and still feel," Davis, 73, said in an emotional telephone interview yesterday. "It's too late for my son, but it's not too late to save someone else's."
Guay, 60, was convicted of shooting Davis's 12-year-old son, John Lindovski Jr., in the eye in 1973 after chasing him into the woods in Hollis, N.H.
Nine years later, he escaped from state prison and held a couple in nearby Concord hostage in their home.
Then, in 1990, he stabbed an inmate in a federal prison in California.
Since his release last fall, he has been forced out of a Manchester rooming house after officials there complained.
And then, last week, Davis discovered that a minister in Chichester, N.H., had taken him, outraging residents there, too.
Neither the Rev. David Pinckney nor Thomas Tarr, New Hampshire's chief federal probation officer, returned calls yesterday.
But in an open letter in the Concord Monitor this week, Pinckney assured people that Guay, 60, "has been on a very different course" since he found God in 1993.
"We would not be doing this if we thought we were endangering our town, neighbors or children," Pinkney wrote.
Davis, however, is unconvinced.
"This minister - I don't care if he's a man of God - he must be a fool," she said. "Everything is about Raymond Guay and how he should be given another chance. Well, he's had a million chances. He was out on parole for another crime when he kidnapped my son. This is just another stab in my heart."
Since she learned of Guay's impending release 1 years ago, Davis has "called the world," she said. "But either there's no response, or there's nothing they can do."
"It's so ironic that after all these years, here we are again," Davis said. "I was told by so many people not to worry."
Her voice breaks when she remembers the freezing February morning that she kissed her son goodbye as he left for school, never imagining that it would be the last time she would see him alive.
Today, she has to content herself with an oil painting that she keeps above her piano. In it, her son remains frozen in time, forever 12 years old, his blue-green, clip-on tie slightly askew, a look of mischief on his face.
"Sometimes I think I can still hear him," she said.

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