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After Obama re-election, gun owners clinging to Second Amendment

By Peter Boyer
Published December 06, 2012

  • July 28: Greg Ebert, a part-time clerk at Guns Galore, speaks at the in Killeen, Texas shop. (AP/Austin American-Statesman)
If the apocalypse were at hand, one sign might be a burst of activity at Dunkelberger's, a sports outfitting establishment in Stroudsburg, Pa.
Dunkelberger's, like other purveyors of guns and shooting gear across the country, has experienced a boom in business this autumn the like of which Tim Strunk, a store employee for 23 years, has never before seen.
"It is through the roof, absolutely," he says. "Assault rifle-style guns, the black guns, are doing especially well."
Strunk attributes the buying spree partly to a "feeling that the end of the world is coming," a foreboding perhaps reflecting end-times predictions from the Mayan calendar, among other sources. "The Doomsdayers are stocking up," Strunk says.
But the greater cause of anxiety, he adds, "is the presidential election, and the fear that gun regulations will be changed" by a second-term Barack Obama.

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