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AFSCME is mad at MCLEA

Discussion in 'University & Campus Police' started by Sgt_110, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. Sgt_110

    Sgt_110 MassCops Member

    A little birdie came back from the AFSCME E-Board meeting last week and stated that AFSCME is PISSED at the Campus Police for wanting to better themselves.

    Bettering themselves how? By wanting to break away from a union that over the years has failed to properly and adequately speak for Campus Police Officers and/or address their legitimate concerns and issues. Funny, seems to me the Campus Police for years has been trying to get the AFSCME union to wake up and listen to it’s (Campus Police) membership.

    Here’s the rub:
    According to the birdie; the state (Mass) supposedly will not talk contract(s) with the AFSCME union until the “mess” with the MCLEA is cleared up! Now AFSCME is putting the heat onto the Campus Police to stop their “silliness” and get back in line.

    Anyone else hear anything along this line from your AFSCME campus reps. And/or birdies?
  2. mopar6972

    mopar6972 Subscribing Member

    Like I said in a previous post, AFSCME wants to play games, heres just another chance for them to do that... We're holding up their "contract", so logic dictates that theres a chance they will try to recruit other union members to pressure us...... Heres the harsh reality of the situation... AFSCME..... :up_yours:
  3. Irish Wampanoag

    Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

    I cant wait
    December 22nd 2004 Meeting with the Labor Relations Commitee :2c: :rd: :-k :whistle: :yes: :lol: :t:
    I will have a Michelob Ultra please to celebrate

  4. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Yeah the janitors are coming out of the closet, all MAD.!!! :lol:
  5. jyanis

    jyanis MassCops Member

    This is all news to me...about the contract being held up. My department never hears anything relative to the contract or retro money. In fact, I emailed the AFSCME campus police rep on the negotiating team the other day for info and he just ignored me. He is a member here, so I hope he will return my email.

    We haven't gotten any grief either...probably because our steward hasn't been on campus for a few months with personal issues. That said, the UNIT 1 steward never tells us anything either. I wish someone would tell us Fill me in guys and gals. I know about Dec 22 (crossing fingers), but my department is out on this little island where we hear nothing from
  6. BartA1

    BartA1 Subscribing Member

    a little birdie down my way said the same thing on Saturday. Supposedly all the AFSCME folks are supposedly gonna be coming down on the trouble makers. This should be good for a laugh :roll:
  7. fisher905

    fisher905 New Member

    jyanis I am not ignoring you. I received your email and it got lost amongst the many other emails I receive.

    Regardless of what is going on with AFSCME and MCLEA I would never intentionally blow off a fellow Officer.

    Please accept my apology.
    Bill Fisher
  8. luap112

    luap112 New Member

    AFSCME :uc: :uc: :uc: I never liked them when I worked at my school . Although I was not full time I was always hearing the FT's moan and groan about AFSCME was scre#### them. How can you trust maintainers and janitors to have our needs and interests to be represented fairly. :sb: I say the state and community college police officers are LONG over due with having their OWN representation when it comes to fair and equal contacts. I say MCLEA all the way.
  9. BartA1

    BartA1 Subscribing Member

    to All campus PO's

    Document everything you can for the hearing. All of the AFSCME's issues you can think of even if you know of any former CPO's that had anything happen bring it up at the MCLEA group on yahoo. Public forum so I wont say anything more PM me if needed
  10. fscpd903

    fscpd903 MassCops Member

    Yeah, we havent gotten any grief from our union steward either, but thats because he has no clue we are even in the union!!!!

    All I can say to everyone is that when they do come down on you make sure you stand your ground. Don't believe their propaganda and lies. They can't do anything to us at all for wanting to sever ties with them. They cant throw us out, the cant get us fired, we wont loose our eye, dental or any other coverage that we currently have.

    Hey AFSCME why don't you just "clean up your mess" by leaving us alone!! Don't fight with us, just let us do what we need to do, its nothing against you, we just need our own seperate union!!! If you leave us alone then the state will negotiate with the people who are important to you, the janitors and cooks etc...
  11. redtargetarea

    redtargetarea New Member

    If I remember correctly back at the MCLEA meetings, once we file a petition for severance (already done) all other AFSCME negotiations must stop until the severance matter is resolved. This ties up everyone in AFSCME (trades, janitors, etc) until MCLEA gets a yea or nay. Thanks for dragging your feet AFSCME, time to hurry up and wait, MCLEA has the time table now.
  12. jyanis

    jyanis MassCops Member

    Mr. Fisher...apology accepted.

    Does anyone here in AFSCME know anything about the retro money? Or about the retirement issue that was supposedly sponsored by AFSCME? I had asked a "high ranking official" at AFSCME after he/she brought it up to me to get my support...when I asked for a bill number or a copy of the text, he/she looked like they were surprised that I actually knew what I was talking about. They then dropped the subject leading me to believe that there is no proposed change to the retirement bill.

    Let me know what you know or have heard. Like I said, we do not have a good line of communication with our current union. Just found out last night that there is an election for stewards this one even asked any of us if we were interested in They must have been cursing
  13. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Former shop steward, now in another section and unit, comes into the station and says
    "that lawyer you guys hired has everything f*ucked up! All of unit#2 can't negotiate now."

    Well maybe they should have started the negotiations back when the old one expired???
    BTW? What good is a contract anyway? they never honored the last one DERRR!!!!
    Oh well.......................... such a shame
  14. melissa112580

    melissa112580 MassCops Member

    this is the only time i agree with you Mopar6972. :stupid:
  15. mopar6972

    mopar6972 Subscribing Member

    Awww, isnt that sweet... Well, in all honesty its not like I ever paid much attention to what you said anyways.... :lol:
  16. BartA1

    BartA1 Subscribing Member


    to answer your question about the retirement bill I asked an AFSCME eboard member this and he stated every year they file for CPO's to get group 4 and the city and town cops send someone up to the state house to fight it. When I asked about 111F I was told to inquire on the group insurance commission office for health insurance matters. :shock:
    Anyway I did some checking with a few friends of mine in different police unions and none of them could recall ever sending a rep to KO Campus Police Officers that work for the state getting group 4 retirement or 111F. I was also told it would be on record at the state house and I couldnt find anything there either. Food for thought when dealing with AFSCME.
  17. tomfin

    tomfin MassCops Member

    I was told the same thing about the retirement bill as I told the E-board it is up to them to let us know when it is coming up so we can have cpo's there in support of the bill. :oops:
  18. soxrock75

    soxrock75 BOOM!

    I really feel for all you CPO's that have the unfortunate honor of belonging to AFSCME. I work in a private college now but I toiled for the now defunct Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) for close to 8 years. Guess what union I was in? Yep, AFSCME. We were pretty lucky in that our stewards and eboard at the MDC Local were fairly good. For the most part, they would fight for us and would submit our demands and proposals. However, when it went to the next step, outside of the Local, it always seemed to die.

    Here's an example: No contract for almost 2 years. We were looking for a 3 year contract at 3%, 3.5% and 3.5%. Here's what we were offered and somehow accepted. We got the 3 years only at 1%, 1.5% and 2%. Then the state raises the cost of our benefits and AFSCME raises our dues. There goes the raise we just got.

    Good Luck to all the CPO's, I hope you get the representation that you deserve.
  19. SSPO#11

    SSPO#11 MassCops Member

    Thank you soxrock75!!

    Hopefully the rest of our fellow Campus P.O's realize that we need to do this now. We have solid respresentation and if it doesn't happen this time it will NEVER happen.

    I haven't posted in a while but I am wondering if more people are coming on board now that it is clear that MCLEA is organized and moving on to the next step.

  20. jyanis

    jyanis MassCops Member

    Anyone in AFSMCE know anything about our retro pay? Kind of wish our union informed us a little better. :evil:
  21. fscpd903

    fscpd903 MassCops Member


    from what I understand from one of our reps is that the union leaders suggest that we focus on trying to get the legislature to come back before the end of the year to override the Governor's veto of the first installment of the retro pay. They also say that the local presidents would like members to call their legislators and ask them to override the Governor's veto.

    I know that strength is in numbers but it seems that we are basically being told by OUR union to fight for this own OUR OWN!!!
  22. fscpd907

    fscpd907 Subscribing Member

    This is a copy of the lame email sent by our so called AFSCME leadership in regards to retro pay.


    Now that we are through the elections, it is time once again to turn up the
    heat on the retro pay issue. The Council and the leadership of the locals,
    along with our brother and sister unions through HEUU (Higher Ed Unions
    United), would suggest that we focus first on trying to get the legislature
    to come back before the end of the year to override the Governor's veto of
    the first installment of the retro pay. We may not be successful, but it is
    important that we try. The Council has been pushing the House and Senate
    leadership to come back for many weeks now, but it is critical to apply
    grassroots pressure as well. Toward that end, the local presidents would
    like members to call their legislators this week (the week of November 15th)
    and ask them to come back and override the Governor's veto. A script for
    those calls is below. Please make those two phone calls this week.

    Step two will be to make a second round of those same calls the week of
    November 29th. That is the week that all bills for the new session must be
    filed, and almost all members of the legislature will be in the State House.
    We think that it is important to generate calls that week as well.

    Finally, if we are unsuccessful at getting the legislature to return before
    the end of the year, our plan is to turn out hundreds of our members to the
    State House on January 5th - the day that all of the legislators get sworn
    into the legislature. Our goal is to greet legislators with a large number
    of people and a message about resolving this piece of unfinished business.
    Stay tuned for more information.

    The success of this campaign depends on you and your participation!

    So, for this week, please call your State Rep. and Senator at (617)
    722-2000. A script for what to say is below. Feel free to put it in your
    own words. You will almost certainly speak with an aide. That's fine - the
    important thing is to log as many calls as possible.

    Hi, my name is _________________. I live in ___________ and work at
    _____________. I am calling about the 2 and one half years of retro pay
    owed to higher education workers.

    The legislature approved payment of a portion of this retro pay this fall,
    but Mitt Romney vetoed it. My family needs this money -- we have waited
    over three years for it, and we cannot afford to keep waiting. Please ask
    the Speaker/Senate President to bring the legislature back into session this
    year to override the Governor's veto.

    Thank you for your help. My phone number is ________.

    Call 617/722-2000 and ask for your Representative/Senator by name. If you
    don't know who s/he is, you can find out at, or call
    Andi Mullin in the AFSCME legislative office at 617/367-6000 x110.
  23. Sgt_110

    Sgt_110 MassCops Member

    You beat me to the punch brother... I was just going to post this myself.

    Thanks for sharing this information.
  24. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special


    I can tell you that the union has been telling our membership that "The Cops" (us) screwed up the retro money by "trying to form their own union"
    When will AFSCME just quit lying and let 4% of their membership go? It would be good for them and us. They could move on with negotiations and we could move on with our lives/careers
  25. DC813

    DC813 New Member

    The bottom line with afscme is that they unfortunately are in the habit of spreading misinformation and outright lies to it's membership. The retro pay is an issue that the legislature needs to address along with the governor. The governor vetoed the money for the same reason he vetoed other things, he is a businessman who feels the legislature in MA overspends, and guess what, THEY DO. Unfortunately for us, we got screwed because the thought of pissing off afscme cops doesn't worry politicians like it would if it were spam or bpa or another strong police association.

    State CPOI and CPOIIs attempting to better themselves by forming an association of sworn patrolmen and sergeants (also investigators/detectives and detective sergeants) due to conflicting bargaining interests, as well as being in the inappropriate position of policing fellow union members.

    MCLEA has NO ties to the governor's office. AFSCME likes to act like now we have sabotaged their ability to bargain and get retro money for their unit members. That is simply a half truth. Yes, bargaining is frozen, but how else should it be? Should AFSCME waste time bargaining for unit members that might not remain in the union? AFSCME members (non-police members) should be happy that the bargaining is frozen at this point, that way in the event that the cops are authorized to sever from the unit, AFSCME can focus ALL of it's bargaining on non-police related issues, benefiting them.

    Furthermore on the freezing of the bargaining.... what the hell has afscme been doing, the contract expired last bargaining is frozen for a couple of months and they are attempting to use that as an excuse for why they can't get a contract. Not to mention the fact that they have been aware that a good portion (and now a majority) of state CPOI and CPOIIs have been dissatisfied with the afscme representation since May of 2004.They didn't sign a contract from May to October when bargaining wasn't frozen did they???????????????????????????????? And that is only the time that has elapsed since the contract expired, not even mentioning the time prior to the expiration that bargaining should have been taking place.

    AFSCME should do the right thing....let all the state and community college cops leave, why would they want to represent members that don't want to be part of their "afscme family"??????
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