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Greetings all,

I would like to see this provision, similar to that which is in place in the armed forces. First consideration is for TIME IN GRADE, next come consideration for TIME IN SERVICE in the next AFSCME contract for state employees.

Here's the story:
At HCC we had an ISOI (grade 9) who worked on campus literally from the time HCC had dirt roads. He was one of the first Institutional Security Officers hired to work along side of the CPOs for the campus police department. Being on campus as long as he was, he was at the TOP of the seniority list, even though he was the lowest ranking member of the department.

The rest of the department was made up of CPOIs (grade 13), and later officers were promoted to CPOIIs (grade 14). Never the less, this ISO was the most senior officer in the department!

Needless to say this used to cause quite a fuss when a CPOI wanted to take time off and the ISOI would bump the CPOI out of the day off...
I think the contract language should be changed to reflect the way departments are set up now. A CPOII should be senior to a CPOI, who is senior to an ISOII, who in turn would be senior to an ISOI.

Then within each grade, seniority would be determined by time in grade. For example:
Years in grade – 13 Years in service - 17
Years in grade – 6 Years in service - 15
Years in grade – 3 Years in service - 18

In the above example, the CPOII with 18 years in service has the least amount of time in grade. Yet, this CPOII wants it to be addressed, as he is the senior CPOII, even though the officer with 17 years on the job has performed 13 of those years as a CPOII. The AFSCME contract has no provisions to address this issue and I think it should.

What say?

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Hey Dick!

GOOD question! When I was at the VA years ago they used Time-in-Service within the Title (Grade) I remember transferring into the unit and my 13 years Federal time made me senior patrolman (WEIRD) Different VA stations have different rules.

Here at MCC they have constantly played musical chairs with seniority. I remember when the senior patrolman went out on injury and went off the books for a few weeks, they moved him down and made him #2. (Wow) I think I have seen it all.

In summary, I think that Time-in-grade SHOULD count just like the Military. It would be simple and easy.

Posted 26 Oct 2004 09:55:

Sounds like another good reason for State Campus Police to support MCLEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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