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Aerosmith's Perry Injured In Middleboro Accident

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by kwflatbed, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Joe Perry, Aerosmith's guitarist, was hospitalized after a crash in Middleboro Thursday.

    Authorities say Perry was at the intersection of Routes 44 and 105 on his Ducati motorcycle when he was hit from behind by a car[​IMG].

    Perry suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from Morton Hospital.

    Aerosmith is set to go on tour[​IMG] next week with its first concert next Friday in Oakland, California.

    The band is set to play Fenway Park on August 14.

    Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry Injured In Motorcycle Accident In Middleboro -
  2. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Damn shame. I was never a huge Aerosmith fan, but I do appreciate them and wish nothing but good things for them especially since they live in the area, pay taxes and patronize local establishments.

    Stever Tyler's daughter goes...went? school in my home town and he patronized local eateries and signed a few autographs. Everyone says he's a nice down to earth guy. I can't help but like and respect down to earth people, even if they make some big stupid mistakes. (of course they have to pay for the big stupid mistakes. I won't ignore 'celebs' making big stupid mistake BECAUSE they're celebs-see Brad Paisley's "Celebrity" GREAT SONG!)

    I hope and pray that the bad days are behind them and that they just make good music and be good citizens. I wish Joe a speedy recovery from his injuries.
  3. OfficerObie59

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    WTF. That intersection has always been a death trap. I thought it would have gotten better after they widened it and put in dedicated turn lanes.

    Aerosmith are certainly past their glory days, though I thought Honkin' on Bobo was a decent album.
  4. KozmoKramer

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    One of the best solo rock & roll albums ever to come from a member of a renowned band was The Joe Perry Project's "I've Got the Rock' n 'Rolls Again".

    That was great rock & roll peeps. Especially "Listen To The Rock". What a tune.
    It was my anthem in 1981.

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