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SRR Traffic Safety Consulting will be presenting an 80-hour Advanced Crash Investigation course at the Medford Police Department. The dates of training are June 9, 10, 30 July 1, 21, 22, 2003. The cost is $700 per person or, if two or more individuals attend from the same agency the cost is $650 per person.

This course is designed for those officers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skill level in relation to crash investigation beyond that of a first responder. The content of this course significantly extends the learning curve beyond what is offered in SRR Traffic Safety Consulting's Basic Crash Investigation course, yet follows that course in direct succession.

This course will be offered in an alternating format of two 8-hour days in-class followed by three weeks at home (during which assigned projects must be completed) for a total of 48 hours of classroom time and 32 hours of projects. The at-home sessions will allow students to complete field work that would ordinarily be part of a reconstruction, such as night visibility studies, lamp examination and packaging, acceleration studies, etc. These at-home assigned projects make the training unique and reinforce the skills and techniques needed for actual reconstructions. The classes are highly interactive, and students will work in teams during the in-class sessions to improve their learning efficiency and continually challenge each other to ask clarifying questions. The instructor will be available after class for additional assistance and will be available by phone and e-mail to assist officers in completing their assigned projects, and to answer questions about the course materials.

The training will cover reconstruction methodologies, vehicle dynamics and focus on the sensitivity of the methods to uncertainties in field data, and especially on potential attacks by defense attorneys and experts. The course finishes with a workshop on basic skills in reconstruction testimony and the need for clear communication of the technical content of a reconstruction to the jury.

If you are interested in receiving a course flier and registration form for this workshop, please request the same by emailing us at [email protected]

If you wish to be added to our growing email data base in relation to upcoming training please request the same by emailing us at [email protected] as well.

Training will also be listed on the LEAPS NEWS file.
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