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Selectwoman Katherine Connolly

HOLBROOK (WBZ) ― As a Holbrook selectwoman refuses to attend town meetings and do what voters have asked of her, WBZ has learned that she also has quite a history with the local police department.

In the last three years, Holbrook selectwoman Kathrine Connolly has called police more than 50 times.

Since being elected more than two years ago, Connolly has attended only 16 of 38 meetings, according to town records. She hasn't been seen at a town meeting since May 13.

Some want to recall her, but the town can't afford the $10,000 it would cost to do that.

Voters say they are fed up.

"I just want her to resign and go away," said one Holbrook resident.

Danny Lee said he actually posted signs around town for her when she was running for office.

"I thought she was a good candidate at the time," he said. "Clearly I was proven wrong."

But the town's distaste for Connolly goes beyond her role as a selectwoman. Rudy Alterio said she is a bad neighbor.

"She's cost me time. She's cost me business, aggravation," Alterio said.

Alterio runs an auto business in Holbrook. A few years ago, Connolly moved in next door. Since then, Connolly has called local police on Alterio more than 20 times for various issues, including his delivery truck showing up and kids skate boarding in his parking lot.

"I've been in business my whole life, and I've come across quite a few characters in my day, and I've never come across someone like this woman," Alterio said.

According to police reports, Connolly has called police more than 50 times on her neighbors in the last three years, including a report that her neighbor was repairing cars for money. When police arrived, they learned that the neighbor was actually repairing his daughter's car.

When asked why she doesn't resign from her position as town selectwoman, Connolly said her term runs out in early April.

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Is she related to a former Quincy public official?
Connolly, Crowley? oh I get it!
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