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By Marc Munroe Dion
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Sep 02, 2008 @ 09:29 PM

Somerset -
A new police officer and a promotion to sergeant changed the look of the town's police force this week.
Patrolman Todd V. Costa was promoted to sergeant on a unanimous vote of the Board of Selectmen and Brian Dempsey, a Somerset native, became the town's newest patrolman.
Costa, a 16-year veteran of the department, was appointed in 1992.
"Patrolman Costa will make an excellent sergeant," said Board of Selectmen Chairman William Meehan.
Somerset Police Chief Joseph Ferreira noted that Costa has a lot of qualifications and specialized training, including training in drug law enforcement, firearms training, surveillance, interview techniques and electronic search.
Costa holds a criminal justice degree from Salve Regina University, has been active in coordinating Somerset's "Public Safety Day" events and is a graduate of Somerset High School.
The post Costa is filling as sergeant was created when Sergeant Armand Cabral was promoted to lieutenant.
The recent resignation of Paul Emond from the town's police force created a gap selectmen filled by appointing 27-year-old Brian Dempsey to the force.
Born and raised in Somerset, Dempsey left town in 2004 to attend the police academy in Florida.
After completing the course there, he accepted a position as a patrolman on the Palm Springs, Fla., police force in 2006.
Ferreira told selectmen that Dempsey first came to his department's attention when he interviewed for a reserve officer position last year.
Ferreira said the department was impressed with Dempsey's discipline and motivation.
Ferreira said Dempsey is certified in the use of Tasers, pepper ball guns and speed radar.
Ferreira also told selectmen that by hiring an already-trained officer such as Dempsey, the town could save about $40,000 in training expenses because Dempsey can be put on the streets immediately.
Selectmen voted unanimously to appoint Dempsey as the town's newest police officer.
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