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Anyone what to pick this up and "run" with it?

[10:50] ken_a_rose: hi
[10:50] cqbarms: hello
[10:50] ken_a_rose: can we discuse more
[10:51] *** "ken_a_rose" signed on at Sat Oct 01 10:51:04 2005.
[10:51] cqbarms: more what?
[10:51] ken_a_rose: i want to discuse about my life and my inherited things to you
[10:51] cqbarms: for example
[10:52] ken_a_rose: pls where are you right now
[10:52] cqbarms: I am in Turkey waiting for a plane
[10:52] ken_a_rose: ur age?
[10:52] cqbarms: I am sorry but I do not know you, you may have contacted the wrong person
[10:52] ken_a_rose: a plane to go where
[10:53] cqbarms: Back to the US from an Arms Show.
[10:53] ken_a_rose: can u be able to drop at london
[10:54] cqbarms: If this is not related to an arms purchase I can not help you.
[10:54] ken_a_rose: no, it is money that my late father deposited in a security company in london
[10:56] cqbarms: Ahhh I see the "nigerian scam" goes IM. Interesting...let me guess you would like me to help you move money from an account and for my trouble of giving you my account number I will get maybe 10% of a 20MM that about it?
[10:57] ken_a_rose: no, i don't need ur account, u will go direct to the security company,beside I am not a nigerian
[10:57] cqbarms: I see and what am I to do at the "security company"...
[10:58] ken_a_rose: u will only discuse with the director and retrieve the box on my behalf
[10:58] ken_a_rose: i am from sierra leone but i am staying in ivory coast
[10:59] cqbarms: I see and what is my benefit for this extra work?
[11:00] ken_a_rose: i think u will gain alot b/cos you will help me to invest the money as my guardian and my father while I will continue my school
[11:00] cqbarms: I see which school do you go to?
[11:01] ken_a_rose: i stop at secondary level
[11:01] ken_a_rose: u will help me to get admmision at university,oxford standard
[11:02] cqbarms: If you can get to England to go to Oxford, why not pick up the box yourself?
[11:02] ken_a_rose: pls I mean a university in us like oxford university
[11:02] ken_a_rose: pls give me ur email and phone number for more details
[11:03] cqbarms: I will help you, give me your name and the precise details of what we must do to help you and I will make sure someone takes care of it.
[11:03] cqbarms: you have my e-mail you have contacted me. I will give you my phone number if it seems needed from my perspective.
[11:04] ken_a_rose: ok
[11:04] ken_a_rose: give me the phone
[11:05] ken_a_rose: can u call me right now with my hotel number
[11:05] cqbarms: again I will give you a phone number if I deem it neccesary...or you may give me your phone number and I will call you are asking for my help, it must be on my terms. Soon I will be leaving so you must make your choice.
[11:06] ken_a_rose: +225 07189909
[11:06] cqbarms: So what are your precise instructions...what do you need me to do to help you, exactly.
[11:07] ken_a_rose: i want u to get the box out from the security company in london and help me to invest the money in a nice business
[11:07] ken_a_rose: pls can u call me right now?
[11:08] cqbarms: again be precise, what company, who to contact, when, what are the release words or identification that must be presented to secure the package, and what is in the package.
[11:09] ken_a_rose: the box contain $6.5million dollars,but the security company did not know the real content of the box
[11:10] ken_a_rose: pls can u call me right now
[11:11] cqbarms: You do understand that 022 is not the dial code for even the same continent...
[11:11] cqbarms: I can not as I am at the cell service here due to not having the proper card for Turkey
[11:12] ken_a_rose: or pls give me ur email adress once more,i want to detail you again
[11:13] cqbarms: you already have it...oddly your phone nuber show up in India...might you accidently be in India?
[11:13] ken_a_rose: no,my phone number is +225 07189909
[11:13] ken_a_rose: it is cote d'ivoire number
[11:14] ken_a_rose: hi
[11:14] cqbarms: actually I am having some fun with you...I will help you as you have been patient...give me the address and a person to speak with in England and I will make sure someone takes care of your bod.
[11:14] cqbarms: box.
[11:15] ken_a_rose: pls we must talk on phone before I will give u the security company contacts please
[11:16] ken_a_rose: please tell me ur full name
[11:17] ken_a_rose: i want to inform the security company that you will contact them before i will give u their contacts
[11:17] cqbarms: I can not talk to you on the phone at this point..I will again help you on my terms...if you give me the information needed to contact the security company...I will do so in good faith and you will be rewarded with your monies back.
[11:18] ken_a_rose: when will u contact them ?
[11:18] ken_a_rose: pls write me back immediately through my private email
[11:18] cqbarms: In the next day or two...first of business on Monday if possible.
[11:18] ken_a_rose: pls ur full name
[11:18] cqbarms: we can communicate via PM.
[11:18] cqbarms: again my help is on my terms.
[11:19] ken_a_rose: what terms
[11:19] ken_a_rose: pls give me ur full nme b/cos i want to inform the scurity company about you
[11:19] cqbarms: you may give me your name...and address if you like, your phone number...but if you really need my help, then you will hve to understand that I will give you no information past what you have so far.
[11:20] cqbarms: All you need to do is tell them that an agent of your will be picking up a package on your behalf.
[11:21] ken_a_rose: yes,i want you to write me through mail b/cos I am leaving soonest
[11:21] cqbarms: You can can fax me a copy of your authorization to a number I will set up for this specific situation.
[11:21] ken_a_rose: ok give me the fax number
[11:21] cqbarms: again my terms..I will not write you anything...except in the PM.
[11:21] ken_a_rose: ok ,call me with my number anytime you are ready
[11:22] cqbarms: you may fax it to 703-632-1187, that is in the US.
[11:22] ken_a_rose: ok, i will look for a lawyer that will help me to get the authorisation
[11:23] cqbarms: let us talk about what you want to invest in once you have your money...
[11:24] ken_a_rose: i don't have a good knowledge of investment,so you will be the one to plan about the investing of the money
[11:24] ken_a_rose: do u have my email address
[11:24] cqbarms: Unfortunately all I know is the weapons trade, you may have to find a money manager for yourself.
[11:25] ken_a_rose: u know better than me.pls write me through my private email right now
[11:25] cqbarms: I do not have an e-mail for you nor will I write via e-mail, you may contine to discuss this via PM.
[11:26] ken_a_rose: if u cannot write me through email,then i am going .how can we discuse again
[11:26] cqbarms: just PM me as you have done now...
[11:27] ken_a_rose: when
[11:27] cqbarms: whenever you like
[11:28] *** ken_a_rose has added you to their contact list. You may choose to accept or deny this action. You may also add this user to your contact list or ignore this user.
[11:28] ken_a_rose: ok monday by 2pm
[11:28] ken_a_rose: bye

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According to the nigerians, I have lost approximately 300 relatives to car accidents on their local they even have highways?

I suppose I'll regret not taking all that money...guess I'll have to spend the rest of my career on the 'detail list'...
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