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A jailed man's claims of police brutality were found to be false, after footage emerged showing the man hitting himself - all in an effort to avoid spending another moment in an Oregon jail.

In the video the man, 33-year-old Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski, can be seen striking himself in the face 45 times. Tomaszewski, a California man being held in a Lane County, Oregon, jail claimed he was assaulted during a police interview on January 9. He was being held on the charges of stalking and first-degree sexual abuse.

The Oregonian reports:

The four-minute video shows Tomaszewski pacing as he punches both eyes. He then sits down and resumes pounding his face. The time stamp shown in the video is not adjusted for the time change, [Sheriff's Office spokesperson Carrie] Carver said.

After Tomaszewski was confronted about the recording, he told detectives that he thought the complaint would get him released, Carver said.

As soon as detectives told him that his "assault" was captured on video, he immediately confessed. He told deputies that he had hoped the assault complaint would get him released from jail.
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They all think they're the first to do this but frankly, it's more punishment than they'll ever get from these judges and cushy jails so it never gets old for me.
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