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A Few interesting items from NOLA
NOPD Blog Names Removed

by *******, 9/10/05 15:46 ET
Just for those who are out of town, if you are curious here
is how you are getting paid.For the first week of the storm
you were getting 24 hours a day.For the second week of
the storm you are getting 16 hours a day, no matter how
many you put in.For the third week 13 hours a day and you
must take 2 days off.No word on what follows this.

Another Comment
As you guys know I'm an ex-member of the NOPD. However,
my entire family lives in the city and area. As a current
detective in another state, I couldn't sit back and watch
the thugs wreak havoc on our city. Burning our own
vacation time, several of us Code-3d it to N.O. with
several AR-15s and hundreds of 5.62 rounds.....
I understand poor, I understand uneducated, but I fail to
understand the unchecked chaos and violence imposed
on the weak of our city. What kind if man attacks hospitals,
rescue workers, women,children???To the brave officers
that stayed after losing everything, we owe you.....
After digesting the events of the last two weeks I have
determined that New Orleans has a bright future ahead.
As ironic as it seems Katrina may be the force that
ultimately saves the city we love.........

A Red Cross black eye
by *******, 9/10/05 13:24 ET
According to an animal rescue official working in MS,
people who have been happy to contribute money to
her operation say they will not contribute directly to
the Red Cross because of bad reports about the R.C.
as late as last year. One time as she drove from
Waveland to Foley, AL for more supplies, she hollered
at bystanders at the roadside for contributions and
many of them threw cash into her vehicle.
She says that 99% of the R.C. she has encountered
are unpaid and mostly untrained volunteer workers
who are provided almost nothing.
Examples: when she (my buddy) asked an R.C.
worker at a rescue center if her R.C. group needed
help, the worker said they needed many items such
as canned food. My buddy asked if can openers
would be appreciated. The worker hadn't even
thought about openers. No, the R.C. didn't have any.
The R.C. workers in the Waveland area had no way
to communicate with one another, even a few blocks
away. When asked about walkie talkies, the worker
hadn't thought of it, and of course the National R.C.
had not provided them.
It goes on and on.
In addition to investigating the City, State, and Federal
emergency relief organizations, how about scrutinizing
the Red Cross with the objective of installing enough
meaningful management to instill more public
confidence in the organization.
ps. At one human shelter, a Red Cross person tried
to deny access to local people who showed up with
home cooked meals, saying 'We don't need food'.
A Mom carrying meals looked inside and saw
evacuees eating cold canned food. The "meal Moms"
wouldn't take 'No' for an answer and pushed their
way inside and handed out the hot meals.
I'll take Moms over a bureaucratic Red Cross any day.
Thanks Moms!

Property Security
by *******, 9/10/05 11:56 ET
Former police officers for hired property security.
We are well trained/armed and will go anywhere!
Call 231-218-****

by ******, 9/10/05 2:31 ET
To those NOPD officers who fled the city and who have
tried to contact me, PLEASE don't try again! I'm NOT
going to help you. To those that stayed..I will give
you the shirt off my back....J****
by *******, 9/10/05 2:26 ET
I toured Uptown 2nd n 6th Dists. on Wed. I estimate that the
"refugees" looted about 90% of the businesses Uptown.
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