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A farm's tribute to first responders.

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    This place is pretty cool and right down the road from the Nashoba Valley winery.

    Mass. farm pays tribute to first responders with corn maze design

    BOLTON, Mass. —

    A farm in Massachusetts is paying tribute to the first responders who sacrificed their own safety to help others during the coronavirus pandemic.

    This year's corn maze design at Schartner Farm in Bolton serves as a thank you to first responders.
    Along with the words "Thank You," the maze features the Star of Life, which represents emergency medical services personnel; a police badge; a firefighter crest and the caduceus, also known as the Staff of Hermes, which is often used as a symbol of medicine.

    With the maze theme, the farm is also offering all first responders a free pass for the maze.

    Schartner Farm plans to open the maze Sept. 19 and keep it open through the end of October.

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    That's sweet:)
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    A good deed in a weary world.
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    The family got into the farm business after their clothing line of pants and shorts failed to take off.
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    Interesting. That's quite a change in direction.
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    Shartner Pants.
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    ba dum tiss..

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