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He hit you with the alley light to illuminate the interior of your vehicle to see what he was dealing with (an officer can illuminate anything with there flashlight at night that can be naturally illuminated in the day time by the sun) he asked your girl why she had an ID and not a license because 100% of people convicted of OUI are given state ID's when their licenses are taken from them.

Wolfman for MC President......... I can't believe I missed all this fun today. That kids ass has been spanked so hard he won't be able to sit down for weeks, nevermind drive his Nerf cruiser up to NH. Good work guys/gals........

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Wolfman said:
"Cruiser" photo (in case you missed it a few pages back):

"Myspace" profile:
...Has become private in the last 12 hours. You can still see it cached. Work history:
Lowell Police Department
Lowell , Massachusetts US
Auxiliary Police Officer 07/06 - current

ArQule Inc
Woburn, Massachusetts US
Security Officer
Woburn 08/01 - current

U.S. Security Associates, Inc.
Roswell, Georgia US
Security Officer
UPS hub, 90 Brick Kiln Rd - Chelmsford, MA 06/01-08/01

Catalogue Ventures Inc
Chelmsford , Massachusetts US
Call Center Rep/Customer Service 6/00 - 6/01

Salem, New Hampshire US
Sales Assoc.
clothing 04/00-05/00
Christmas Tree Shops Inc
Salem, New Hampshire US
Clerk, PriceChecker 7/99 through 11/99

Canobie Lake Park
Salem , New Hampshire US
Ride Dept. Grouper summers 1998 and 1999

Directions to his house w/ phone # (as posted on a public internet forum):

His blog. What a love life. I wonder if Amanda read this:

Still can't figure out why these kids put everythng out there for the world to see.:rolleyes:

I am sure the fine officers and the brass of the Billerica PD would be impressed with this story being published on the net! Nevermind making the Ricca EMD look like and exceptional group of mentally stable people. I would have wrote you based on the wanna-be facter!

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Sorry everyone I'm soooo late to this post.

I only have one word to say.... whacher, whacher,whacher, whacher, and so on and so forth..........

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This kid deserves everything he got, he wasn't asking a question, because every answer he got he didn't like and had an excuse for. He was ranting and trying to start trouble.

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This is one of the dumbest threads I have read in a long time.

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The thing with this we get it every now and then.

What ends up coming of it is nothing...I'm sure sometime, somewhere, someone is losing their job...

But in the end, landshark is still just someone who needs an attitude adjustment and the trooper did his job.

Believe it or not, landshark, that is how police work goes - questions to get answers. Get over it.

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LandShark9C1 said:
had a little run in with a NH trooper this morning.
1st of all, I working for the Billerica EMA, I do not consider myself "a cop" in the same respect as anyone who does it full time, but I go out there and do my job like anyone else, and I'm working for free.... I expect a little professional courtesy.
2nd.. the car I drive is an old police cruiser. It's a 95 Caprice. I repainted it, but new wheels on it, replaced the interior. It looks like a kind of "hot rod" cruiser. It still has bars and A pillar light(no blue lights-nothing that says police), I ve had the car for years and never had the problem. you wouldn't look at it and think "oh he's gonna come arrest me"

anyway after my shift last night I went to pick up my g/f in NH, coming back to MA I am in the left lane, speed is 75, speed limit is 65. at about 0045hrs I see a cruiser coming up behind me, doing about 80-85, so I move over to right hand lane. its a NH state police car, he pulls up along side...stays there for about 30 seconds.... pulls ahead and turns on his back flashers for about 2 seconds.....gets about 20ft ahead then slows down to come along side me again, now hes about 2 ft away from me and he turns on his alley light essentially blinding me. so now I'm like wtf. he pulls in front again then pulls behind me and on come the blues.
OK..he wants to talk lets talk

now remind you I'm in uniform.

Tpr: how are you I'm XXXXXXX can I see your license and registration?

me: yes sir, how can I help you

Tpr: what's with this car?

me: what do you mean?

Tpr: well its got a push bumper and a spot light. what is this a cop car? you can get into alot of trouble with a car like this?

me: uhh this isn t a police car, it was at one time, but how can this car get me into trouble, theres nothing on the car thats illegal.

Tpr: well yeah you could drive around and try to pull people over with the spot light

me: uhhhh well I COULD, but I don t have any blue lights on the car, and I wouldn t "pull people over" with my car. I'm not an idiot. what do you want? its a nice car, theres absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Tpr: well at lot of times the problems are the nice cars, with new rims like this car(I guess he ment my GM factory rims that where sold in the impala trim package?) you are driving like a cop, going 75-80 miles an hour(does this mean that cops get to drive faster than the rest of society, I felt like saying if I was driving like a cop I'd been driving more like 95..but I bit my tongue on that one)

me: I wasn't driving 80 sir.

Tpr: what are you on the job or something?

me: no, I just got off my shift it midnight

Tpr: you're a cop then? where? (I thought the uniform was a dead give away but...)

me: Billerica EMA

Tpr: where?

me: Billerica Emergency Management

Tpr: where's that?

me: in Billerica! it's a part time position there

Tpr: and where do you work there?

me: What? in Billerica sir.

Tpr: where in Billerica?

me: uhhh like the entire town sir?

Tpr: Do you use this thing(my car)

me: No sir I drive a cruiser

Tpr: they have a cruiser?

me: they have a fleet of cruisers

Tpr: are you armed?

me: no Sir I'm not armed right now

Tpr: Do you carry there?(police dept)

me: I don't right now becuase my paperwork hasn t come back to change my license to carry so I could carry when I'm working there, it takes a long time, but yes they do carry over there.

Tpr: ok..........why are you wearing gloves???

me: excuse me? its cold outside?

Tpr: (to my g/f) SO WHAT'S HE TO YOU?

her: my boyfriend?

Tpr: and where are you from?

her: Londonderry

Tpr: can I see some ID

(she hands him her NH state ID, she doesn t have a drivers license)

Tpr: why don't you have a drivers license?

her: I don t have a car

Tpr: (to me) whats in that bag? (points to the bright orange jump kit with a giant Star of Life)

me: medical equipment

Tpr: and why do you have that?

me: becuase I'm an EMT

(he walks away, makes us sit there for 5 minutes comes back)

Tpr: I'm going to give you a warning, here's your paperwork back

me: thank you sir I appreciate that

Tpr: Now you stay out of trouble with this car, Y'here?

me: Sir! I do not get into "trouble" with my car, I don t impose fake police powers on anyone, nor would I.

Tpr: Ok just letting you know (then he left)


now, if he wanted to give me a ticket, thats fine, yeah I was speeding... however most people I know practice the 10-6 rule... 10 over on the highway, 6 over on surface st excluding school zones ect. I wouldn t issue someone a ticket for 75

what bothers me is...
not once did he address me as sir, or even my name, it was just "hey you"
asking my g/f for ID... what does he need to check her ID for?
what happened to police officers and esp state troopers being a shining example of a gentleman? and we wonder why people don't respect the police anymore.
and all the stupid questions..why am I wearing gloves? its winter time! whats in the EMT bag?....what do you think?
and the car
its a car that I bought at a dealership, passes inspection, and has even been in a few car shows.
was it that slow of a night? I just don't get it

I would have just like it to have been "oh hey, sorry, I'll see you later" rather than all that BS.
It was just something I would never do to someone else, period, let alone a cop.

god forbid the night hes getting his ass kicked at a traffic stop and I drive by, I bet his attitude would be different.

ok rant off...I feel better
i do have to ask..... why do you carry a jump kit? even with it, there really is shit you can do for someone if you on sight a wreck unless you have a board and shit and even then.... you don't have an ambulance to load the person in on the board because they sure as shit don't fit in your car.

the jump kit.... i work 80 hours a week in ems... the only thing remotely like that i carry is a box of gloves, which is in there for when i go to details because nobody ever puts any size but XS or XL in the detail bags and i wear a M.

plus, they're useful when i find gross stuff i don't want to touch with my fingers or when i'm cleaning the bathtub drain or something and feeling squimish

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...when a chemical hood blew up in some guys face and then a guy walked into the lobby and dropped of "the big one", my work was like "wait don t we have an EMT" so they thought I should bring one there, its usually in my trunk cuz it would grow legs if left in the office but I had a bunch of hockey crap in there, anyway.. we might get some SAEDs too, apparently the mgt thinks thay are "the greatest thing since sex indoors" far as the jump kit- I really don't use it much, I ve had to splint a few people at work and at hockey but nothing major. although it seems someone is always pregnant in the office these days- that is really a mess I don t want to have to deal with. but I guess its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I really wouldn t want to get involved on a traffic accident unless I was the only person there, I would call it in, most places response time is really good, but as far as whipping out the jump kit..kind of a liability. I would do some vitals maybe to give a base to the EMTs.

As my drill sergeant used to say....the lessons you learn the hardest are the ones you remember the best.
yeah...yeah..yeaaaah I'm retarded.
I said somethings that I regret and they were inflammatory in nature. I was angry at the time, and didn't think they would be taken the way they were. having to delete crap from the internet I didn t even think exsited anymore is probably the best thing though, so thanks for the dope slap.
Sorry for being such a dumbass. I hope I can be forgiven.
and thanks Batman for trying to shield me from my impending lashing.

Landshark, I'll give you this have a set of stones to take the beating you did in this thread, then come back and request penance. Most people would have disappeared, never to be heard from again.

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Delta784 said:
Landshark, I'll give you this have a set of stones to take the beating you did in this thread, then come back and request penance. Most people would have disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Ok I guess the beatings will cease but will remain public for the viewers enjoyment....
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