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A&B on a P.O.

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In regards to the "municipal" element of A&B on a P.O., how do the courts interpret the charge as it pertains to campus police in your area? Is it generally accepted, or do they challenge that you are not officers? Just curious.
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LenS";p="51190 said:
When I was appointed a Special PO (for a municipality), the Chief told me (and the rest of us) that he would NOT allow us to charge A&B PO regardless of any facts. Even though we were sworn, academy trained, armed and fully qualified, he told us that although we had the legal authority to arrest, he strongly "suggested" that we NOT do it and call a FT PO to make any arrest. Another of his positions was that if we made an arrest, we'd be required to go to court on our own time and he wouldn't allow us to get paid mileage or a witness fee! [Keep in mind that we worked paid shifts and details as well as provided freebie services for town events.]

Certainly not the best of situations!
Well then.............

May a detainee throw feces on that Chief someday!
michaelbos";p="51976 said:
Oh him, yeah he's on channel 50 and there's only 10 channels :D

But District One under Mr O'Rouke does not like outside agencies. But I found out many moons ago, it's a small world.

You should have got him plastered at the FOP lodge back when you had the chance!
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