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A 258e harassment order?

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In August of last year my ex falsely accused me of some stuff and she got a 258e harassment order on me because I didn't fight it due to her also getting DCF involved with my kids and My wife and I didn't want anything to go any further. If I would of fought it I would of guarantee won the order. So now I am in a bind because I want to become a cop. Will this prevent me from becoming one?
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Didn't the real cops over at already answer this for you?

Harassment order?
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I know cops that have gotten jammed up by their wives, when they file divorce proceedings or move out. The spouse will walk right down to the court house and allege many things and the judge will often approve the 209A, for fear of having another Jared Remy case. Then the cop has to sit the desk, become stripped of all personal owned firearms or take a LOA until the case is sorted out. If you're convicted remember the Lautenberg Amendment .

If you no-show for a 209A or 258E hearing, the judge will read the plaintiffs statement and if it sounds like it meets the criteria, the judge/clerk will issue the order. You should have attended the hearing. If DCYF is involved in your life, you have a 258E and possible domestic disturbances in CAD, you're going to have hard time trying to get on the job.
"I didn't fight it"
That statement alone was your downfall.
It takes 3 instances where you put this person in fear. Many courts want something solid to base their order off of.

I don't know the situation, but I'd imagine something more went on between you and the ex.

There is no answer for you with your question besides, if you ever get an interview, explain the situation in great, truthful, detail. Don't omit anything.
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