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  1. Bananaman

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    I don't think its entirely a money issue. I know people at my department that could save a decent amount working ot, or take out a small loan to easily make it through the academy. The big issue seems to be people being away from their family/kids for 6 months or not having the confidence they'll be able to finish the academy .
    Interest in LE is significantly down for all departments. But if 200k paycheck AND, most importantly, a take home cruiser doesnt incentivize people, not much else will.
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  2. Edmizer1

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    I think you hit it on the head. You are right, take home cruiser is the most important thing.
    Seriously though, if you are steadily making good money at your PD with a family, do you really want to risk everything with MSP. Not knowing where you could be moving to is a big factor. If wife and kids are happy at one end of the state and you get moved to the other, your life won't be happy, no matter how big of a hat you get to wear. For a kid without ties it is a home run.
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    and................FUCK SSPO!!!
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    So much for an early September academy start date. The last day for a medical appointment is sept. 24th. Any rumors about a new start date?
  5. TheSnowman

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    Any new rumors on a possible Academy start date
  7. visible25

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    Well, considering they want to put a class of 300 through and are still doing backgrounds... no

    I’ve heard October, November and January
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  8. 38bigblock

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    Scared to make a name lol?
  9. Bananaman

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    That's how they get ya
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    And the MSP will
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  11. brinybreezes

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    Anyone able to get a military make up for MSP recently? Thanks
  12. visible25

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    Count on deck?
    Hurry up trainees, hurry up.
  13. 38bigblock

    38bigblock MassCops Member

    I took the trash out this morning when I got home and boy was it was COLD out. I knew right away I was glad I didn’t go :D

    I hope the count is 100%. Let’s have the 85th come out more successful then any other class.
  14. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    The old masscops would have hourly updates of the count on deck, as well as stories about the quitters!

    Im getting old.

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    Jumped on msp's fb page looking for one of.ours in the class. Anyways. Funny to see risp instructors along side msp for an rtt.!
    Perhaps a new bi state merger looms?!:D
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  16. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    It was funny but sad. Especially the 12YO boy masquerading as RISP. That kid either needs some weight gain 2000 and a trainer or a permanent desk job.
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  17. RodneyFarva

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    This is my sharpie they are many like it but this one is mine, without my sharpie I am useless ! 81749293_2685272924890007_7672179301516574720_o.jpg
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    Them sharpies get reaaaal heavy after a while.
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  19. visible25

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    40ish wait-listers being called up for Monday
  20. mpd61

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    As heavy as an M-1 Garand for sure!
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  21. Clydon94

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    Any ideas when they’ll do an 86th yet or to early to tell?
  22. Goose

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    Pretty sure it'll be after the 85th, and prior to the 87th.

    Other than that, I don't know.
  23. felony

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    12 DI's for 270 trainees isn't enough. Alot of shit bags will get through.
  24. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    What's the usual ratio for this size class?
  25. RodneyFarva

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    Well ya know all in the name of diversity n' stuff.

    NEW BRAINTREE—Governor Charlie Baker and Colonel Christopher Mason today held a press conference at the Massachusetts State Police Academy to announce a bill to improve and modernize State Police hiring, promotions, accountability, and discipline and update the public on the progress of significant reforms within the Department.
    Governor Baker and Colonel Mason also addressed the 85thRecruit Training Troop – believed to be the largest and most diverse pool of trooper candidates in State Police history – before speaking with the news media.
    “Colonel Mason has been working hard to make progress on several reforms, and we are pleased this class of recruits will be the first to go through his new trainings that focus on stringent ethics and community policing,” said Governor Baker. “We are also filing legislation to allow the Colonel to take swift action against Troopers who do not live up to the oath they swore, promote a more diverse workforce and bring Department policies in line with modern management practices.”
    Among the changes proposed by Governor Baker are specific steps to increase diversity within the Department; allow swifter and more severe penalties for violating the public trust; and maximize merit and capability in the promotional process.Specifically, An Act Advancing Reform within the Massachusetts State Police would:
    • Streamline the process for taking administrative action to suspend officers without pay when they are charged with for serious offenses and simplify the disciplinary process for imposing lower forms of discipline for minor offenses;
    • Create a new fraudulent pay statute that will allow state and municipal agencies to recover treble damages from police officers who knowingly submit false claims for hours worked for payment;
    • Authorize the creation of a cadet program as an alternative route to the State Police Academy, similar to those used successfully by municipal police departments, an innovation that will diversify the pool of prospective recruits;
    • Eliminate the requirement that the colonel of State Police be selected exclusively from within the Department, allowing external candidates with 10 or more years in law enforcement and five or more years in a police or military leadership position;
    • Eliminate the oral interview component from the formula that determines scoring for promotion to lieutenant or captain in order to reduce the potential for subjectivity or bias in promotional decisions; and
    • Accelerate the rate at which longevity points are accrued in the context of promotion to the positions of sergeant andlieutenant in order to expand the pool of qualified candidates for these positions.
    “The future of Massachusetts State Police will be determined by the personnel we recruit, hire, and train today,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “These legislative proposals will help shape the organizational environment in which they work to serve, protect, and inspire our communities.”
    Also today, Colonel Mason provided an update on his internal efforts to ramp up the Department’s accountability to the public, revise the curriculum at its Academy, and increase diversity within its ranks. Within the past two months, State Police have:
    • Activated Automatic Vehicle Location systems in nearly 3,000 cruisers;
    • Posted a Request for Responses for a contract to provide the Department with 1,500 body cameras and 1,000 in-car video systems;
    • Put new supervisory oversight policies in place for programmed overtime assignments, such as those used in the former Troop E;
    • Implemented ethics training specific to time and attendanceat the State Police Academy along with instruction on modern policing skills such as empathy, de-escalation, and communication;
    • Developed continuing ethics training modules on time and attendance and supervisors’ duties for current Department personnel;
    • Created and posted the position of Diversity Recruitment Officer to assist in recruiting, hiring, and developing employees from historically underrepresented communities; and
    • Promoted two women and five people of color to the supervisory ranks of detective lieutenant, captain, detective captain, and major, with one assigned as a troop commander and five assigned as unit commanders.
    “The Massachusetts State Police remain fully invested in our commitment to excellence in modern policing,” said Colonel Mason. “Even as we fulfill our core public safety mission in every corner of the Commonwealth and adopt new responsibilities in a changing world, we are making important and measurable progress increasing the Department’s diversity, our accountability to the public, and the training practices we employ. With the support and assistance of dedicated personnel at every level of the Department, State Police are moving forward on the right track.”
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