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79th Dropout Count - GO!

Discussion in 'State Police' started by Pvt. Cowboy, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. dcs2244

    dcs2244 Moderator Staff Member

    I think that today is the hardest day for the trainees...they have to actually return to the SPA environment...even though they now know what it entails! It would be easier to just stay there for the weekends...
  2. graveyardsleeper

    graveyardsleeper New Member

    Anyone not show up today? How many on deck?
  3. Blondie

    Blondie Guest

    Excuse opinions everybodies got them whatever! Try 9months with not working and tell me you could support a family on the stipend. I had banked savings for the 1st 6months with stipend but it had to last me 9 months without a stipend and it all gone now. No disability or unemployment from MSP or previous job since I had resigned so tough luck to me. I accepted that when I left and went to the SPA and knew the risks sometimes it doesn't work out if it had come along 5 months earlier but after a second mortgae to pay bills there are no resources left.
    I hung and wouldn't have left a cushy job if I couldn't hang shit happens. Just like shit happens to you on the job you just adjust your sights and take aim if you can't understand that your very narrow minded.

    MSP Training is tough for a reason and I wouldn't have wanted to go if it wasn't thats what makes it what it is. Everyone who graduated should be proud to have made it through and deserve the respect that goes with it but that doesn't mean that there aren't improvements to be made and a plate to be stepped up to. Just as they want trainees to step up so should the training.
    I've said my peace just watching the count as I have friends in there right now. Who told me to look here. Hadn't heard of this place till this weekend.
  4. MC1010

    MC1010 MassCops Member

    You are absolutely right, it has nothing to do about being a good Trooper and thats because IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!! Your so called friend is a liar and had to think up a good story to make himself look better than a QUITTER!!!! I WAS THERE, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!:fire:
  5. minos422

    minos422 New Member

    Very well put! I was there too, it definitely never happened!!!

    BigIrish would back us up on here too, but they're reading his posts at the barracks :lol:
  6. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Big f-ing liar.
  7. stubrie

    stubrie New Member

    Make a timed 5 mile run a pre-requisite to getting into the academy.
    DEA has a 2 miler, be innovative, ramp up the quals so that those that make it into the academy have a better chance of making it through, barring injuries.
    Since that is what you run while you are in there anyway.
    Then get top notch physical trainning to work those injuries, since those that made it now DESERVE the best, as they proved themselves to be able to make the run.
    Make whine mile, mile 5.
    No surprises/just hit you in the face, so to speak..
    Include situp, push-up, and bench into the mix.
    Take out the bathroom games, and there are several.
    Get top notch DI's with military experience.
    It's a waste of everyones time and money when someone drops.
    As I have said in previous posts, dropouts add mystique to their image.
    I hope things change for the better or worse, just hope it changes.
  8. BPD142

    BPD142 MassCops Member

    isnt this thread for the number of dropouts? stick to the point
  9. K9Vinny

    K9Vinny MassCops Member

    Yeah, but that wouldn't be as interesting. Kinda like going to Hooters for the wings alone.
  10. Rock

    Rock Undefined

    Originally Posted by female p.o.
    Ok I'm gonna throw in my 2 cents....A friend of mine quit( last class) because the D.I's were telling him to put on someone else's shitty drawers....Now I don't see the need to put on someone else's crappy underwear! What the hell does that have to do with being a good Trooper? It's a matter of hygeine, Who knows what you could catch! That's nasty! :up:

    You are absolutely right, it has nothing to do about being a good Trooper and thats because IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!! Your so called friend is a liar and had to think up a good story to make himself look better than a QUITTER!!!! I WAS THERE, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!:fire:******

    I'm glad someone said it! I knew your friend before the 78th started (if we're talking about the pu**y that spoke to the Herald). He needed an out and made that stuff up. Everyone needs to know the truth and I can't say it any better than you just did, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!

    Carry on
  11. Blondie

    Blondie Guest

    Well I have been an Instructor in a couple of Military schools that I know at least few Troopers had been to in their Military time and will gladly boast that they graduated and tell you it was the best training they ever had but it is definitely military training and not paramilitary police training so the focus and goals are different but training principles and standards are not.

    Believe what you want the facts are it happened. I didn't come here to post degrading comments so please don't subject me to such childish comments. Denial doesn't suit the MSP, action to correct the deficiencies does.
  12. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    No, it is not a "fact".

    The "swirlie" thing happened, it was an isolated incident and it has been dealt with.

    You are grouping allegations together. The other garabge was just that; the lies of the weak who couldn't hack it.

    I can tell you from personal experience that that stuff is NOT institutional.
  13. MC1010

    MC1010 MassCops Member

    If you are going to post supposedly a fact, then get your facts straight!!!!! The FACT is that it DID NOT HAPPEN!!!!!! That IS FACT!!!! If you werent there when it supposedly happened,which it didnt, than how can you say it is fact!!!! Just by taking what was said in the paper, by a liar, that it should be considered fact?? I was there, in more ways than one, and i can assure ANYONE that something like that NEVER happened. With the lying and making up such a ridiculous story, he should have become a fiction novelist instead of a trying to become a cop. With that made up story, he had a lot of people going with that one. If he would put his imaginary stories on paperback, he could make some serious $$$$$$.
  14. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    What BS was that? PT?
  15. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Stretching. 8-O
  16. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    From page 16 of the MSP Academy Commision Report...this didn't make it into the Herald.
  17. no$.10

    no$.10 Drunk Bastard

  18. female p.o.

    female p.o. MassCops Member

    That's weird...I know alot more people in that class that tell me it was true...HMMMM....
  19. female p.o.

    female p.o. MassCops Member

    What do you care whether this particular person left or not? You were there, I am assuming you are a new Trooper...I don't understand why you are so angry....Move on...
  20. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    The toilet thing? Sure. The underwear? A lie.
  21. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Next time, Flush.
  22. female p.o.

    female p.o. MassCops Member

    Were you in the class?
  23. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Were you? Or are you basing your "facts" on the accounts of washouts that couldn't cut it?
  24. Blondie

    Blondie Guest

    PT and stretching are training. BS indicates something that wasn't training and totally unnecessary.

    The shitty underwear thing was what I was saying happened. It happened to me as well as most everyone else. Shitty being a term meaning stained and sweaty. I never saw the toilet thing so can't say whether it did or did not happen. So I'd say wiping is more important than flushing. :wacko: This isn't SERE school and it doesn't require that kind of training. I'm a firm believer in the quote "the more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war".

    Sorry I haven't taken the time to check grammar and spelling as I have already wasted too much time on this. It apears to be falling on deaf ears anyways.
    Thanks for the optounity to share this with you. You will come to your own conclusions as to what happened.
  25. MC1010

    MC1010 MassCops Member

    So are you trying to say that YOU were also made to soiled underwear on your head???? Bcause if thats the case, then you need to write novels too. No one was ever made to put soiled underware on their heads, PERIOD!! But on the other hand, if you are trying to say that you had to wear your own sweaty, soild underware, due to time constraints and hurricane happening, then that is a whole DIFFERENT thing!!! That would be due to bad sanitary habbits and bad time management on your part. That is not the DI's faults.
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