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78th Next Step.....?

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Has any potential candidate heard anything further after the background?

I had my integrity interview in late December and haven't heard anything since then pertaining to a psych. eval, or any further step.

Does anyone also know if you receive notification if you are no longer considered?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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You will get a letter either way. Usually about a month before the class starts so you can give a notice at work.
What was your score??
I heard that today, Tuesday, the list for the class and standby's should be finalized so maybe notification will be received by the end of the week. I imagine it would be soon, given less then 4 weeks to start.
Kelgers I was just looking over some old posts and saw that there was something in your background that was called into question. If this problem was not resolved it would definetly explain why you haven't moved forward in the process. Good luck, I hope to see you on day one.
For those in the running....
I just got word that if you are in the mix and have finished all the steps to this point that you should hear something by the end of next week. That or THEY will know by the end of next week and they will let you know when ever they want. :shock:

To those in the running, if you have not gone any further than the background and interview/pt test you are no longer in the running. Those of you who have completed the process and are waiting for confirmation on your acceptance, be patient, if you are already annoyed at the fact that it is last minute you are not going to make it so resign or defer now rather than take someone elses spot. You do realize that you are a very small, and lucky, percentage of people that actually have a chance. 16 to 20 thousand people take the test and less than 600 people even get a chance. You have better odds of getting accepted to Harvard Law. Consider yourselves very very lucky and stop complaining that you have to wait a couple of weeks. It is an opportunity of a life time and is well worth the wait. Concentrate on preparing yourselves, physically and mentally, for the toughest 26 weeks that you will ever experience and get your personal lives in order. Trust me when I say "toughest." I have personally experienced Army basic training, MPOC, and RTT and the RTT was by far the toughest. Good Luck to all. IT IS WORTH IT.
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Would that 260 maybe represent the number of trainees getting called to start in New Braintree for June 27... or am I waaaaay off base? :lol:
Tfive, good advice. It is a bit frustrating not knowing what the next 6 months of our lives entail, but as you said, this stress is nothing compared to what is front of us. As frustrating as it is to see an empty mailbox each morning (except for bills) :wink: at least I get to sleep in my own bed for a few more weeks...this all has a purpose, lets hang in there.

Does anyone know if they still plan on having some type of orientation?
Orientation is June 11th.
Didn't think so.

What I find comical, is that they're expecting 110 drop-outs.
Comical!?! I think its a scary challenge. That's a really large number of "qualified canditates". That said I hope I'm not one of those 110 and I'm still looking forward to the toughest 6 months of my life.
Rock";p="66256 said:
Comical!?! I think its a scary challenge. That's a really large number of "qualified canditates". That said I hope I'm not one of those 110 and I'm still looking forward to the toughest 6 months of my life.
You should not be "hoping you are not one of the 110." That choice is up to you.
Rock, as long as you have the "drive" to get it done... you won't have any problems. It probably really sucks running and running and getting PT'd to death, but how dissappointed in yourself would you be if you happened to be one of the lucky 260 who not only scored 96 or better, had a flawless background that you maintained all you life just so you could get a job like this, and was in tip-top shape only to succumb to the pressure and quit.

I would personally like to give a, "What did the five fingers say to the face? ....SLAP! I'm Rick James bitch..." to everyone who quit the academy and didn't realize they couldn't hack it ahead of time.

Actually no, I'd rather say thanks for quitting, thus changing the standards and requiring 260 trainees per academy start, hoping that they run out of 96ers and us 95's get called.
Yes they will have 260 bodies ready to go. Out of those probably only 180 - 200 will be there on day ONE. After that, they will replace bodies as needed the following week. It all depends on your oral board score if you are in that first gruop. In my RTT, over a two week period, about 80 pepople resigned. The final number that was probably called was about 220. They SPA can't possibly accomidate 260 bodies at a whack. And the word is that this RTT is going to be one of the toughest yet. Good luck to those that get the call. Remember, it is all worth it in the end.
if I remember correctly, we were told at our oral interviews 225 for day one..
Good luck, hopefully you guys will make it through...I'm sure its a great job
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