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LOWELL -- Several people were stabbed and a near-riot broke out in a matter of hours in the Back Central neighborhood early Saturday.
The first incident erupted about 1:48 a.m., as a rap group was performing at Cafe Europa, 547 Central St., and exchanged threats with audience members, said Deputy Superintendent Arthur Ryan Jr.
That led to a fight outside in which two men suffered what were described as superficial stab wounds, and third man suffered serious stab wounds that left him in critical condition at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, according to Ryan.
The identities of the victims are not being released because police fear they could face intimidation.
The owner of Cafe Europa denied the incident had anything to do with her establishment, though.
No one was charged with the stabbing, but two men, including former City Council candidate Darius Mitchell, 34, of 48 E. Pine St., unit 1, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Andrew Swanson, 27, of 1240 Gorham St., is the other man arrested.
The second incident, though it led to no serious injuries, is being treated even more seriously by police because of a brazen attack on police made by a crowd of roughly 75 people.
Ryan said that incident began about 2:48 a.m., when a fight started outside Santoro's Sub Shop, a popular late-night pizza joint for partiers and downtown revelers.
Officer Charles Panek was working a detail at the shop, and was warned that a man had a gun.

It was as he went outside to intervene in the fight, Ryan said. The armed man, later identified as Jonathan Mercer, 20, of 81 Shaw St., second floor, ran from Panek, and during a struggle the suspect dropped his gun, which then discharged as it hit the ground, Ryan said. No one was struck.
Then roughly 75 people surrounded Panek and officers who arrived to back him up, Ryan said. The crowd attacked, even using pepper spray on officers, and causing one minor injury to an officer, according to Ryan.
Mercer was charged with gun and assault charges. Three other men were also arrested for their roles in the disturbance, Ryan said.


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Threatened? Apparently the lemmings chose to deny reality and replace it with a construct of there own. That will not alter the fact that whatever they "do" to the police shall be returned to them four-fold. It's what is known in life as a "rude awakening".

I hope LPD chopped some wood when the cavalry arrived...

and by chopped I mean --- Impacted
and wood I mean -- Kneecaps
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