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72 Year old male [nude photos]

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Approached an intersection tonight on one of our side streets at around 1:45AM and was surprised by a bright blue flash of light from a front yard.

Exited my cruiser to investigate and observed a 72 year old male subject hurrying to get his robe on behind a flower bush. [nothing but a robe and his birthday suit]

Also observed a Polaroid Spectra instant camera on a tripod facing where this perv was standing.

Unfriggen real! Told the old bat that if he wanted to pose for the elderly centerfold of the month to do it in the privacy of his own friggen apartment.

8O That is one visual I really did not need.
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Officer Dunngeon said:
Gil, did you happen to, uh... confiscate the polaroids?

...Just wondering... 8-[
Ah no.... Not something I wanted to add to my new but growing collection of my experiences with the APD

No number giving but gave him JB's email address
Harley387 said:
Gil, I have but two questions for you:

1) Was he a HARDENED criminal?

2) Will the evidence stand up in court?

Just curious. :sly:
Cute.... No court just a STIFF talking to...

CO frowns on 70+ prisoners with chronic medical problems and I did not feel like playing cell bitch for the night. He had no priors, no BOP not even a speeding ticket. Just an ol guy loosing his mind and made a bad decision.
272 / 53 Lewd and Lascivious Conduct

"Recklessly disregarded a substantial risk of public exposure to others that might be offended by the suspects conduct."

mpd61, your right as the good Capt.. has told you. I think I would of had a hard time trying to prove the above element. It was 2 AM, it was dark, he was behind a bush and there was no pedestrian or vehicle traffic. I knew I would not be standing on terra firma had I brought the old bat in. Had the time been 2 PM his ass would have been in the lockup.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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