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7-year-old driver rolls mom's car

British authorities say they are investigating a case involving a 7-year-old who flipped his mother's car after deciding to go for a late-night cruise.
David Johnson crept out of his family's Hadleigh, England, home Tuesday night to go for a ride in his mother's red VW Golf, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.
The adventurous 7-year-old made it only 30 feet before he flipped the car and crashed into a fence post, trapping himself in the wreckage, the newspaper said.
"I wanted to drive the car but I tipped it over and hit the fence. I was worried when it went on its roof and I hurt my arm. But then all I thought about was what mum was going to think," he told reporters.
Firefighters were able to remove him from the vehicle and he was taken to a medical center with injuries to his arm, officials said.
Officials said the boy was released from the hospital and he is too young to be criminally charged.
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