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50-year-olds make good on pie fight pact

A pair of Milwaukee men said they have set a date to make good on a promise they made one another in 1976 -- to have a pie fight at the age of 50.

Dan Johnson and Malcolm McDowell Woods said they made the promise at the age of 18 while enjoying drinks and cheese fondue at the old Captain's Steak Joint and now that they have reached the landmark age, they are planning a formal dress party for family and friends to fling pastries in the style of "The Three Stooges," the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Monday.
"We talked about being immature, and then we decided we should have a pie fight when we turned 50," Johnson said of the October 1976 pact.
The men said they will be wearing tuxedos to Saturday's pie fight and they are urging their guests to conform to the formal dress code. They said neighborhood kids have been hired to fill 500 plates with shaving cream for the event and will clean up the mess after the final pie has been flung.
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