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By Norman Miller/Daily News staff
Posted Sep 17, 2008 @ 11:40 AM

A plainclothes detective arrested five men at gunpoint Monday night after seeing one of them holding a loaded firearm, police said.
Christopher T. Morelli, 19, and Stephen Jones, 22, both of Worcester; and Jonathan M. Torres, 21, Michael Rodriguez, 23, and Aaron Graham, 22, all of Framingham, were arrested on Interfaith Terrace at 11:25 p.m., Lt. Paul Shastany said.
"This was a very dangerous situation," said Shastany, the department spokesman.
Detective Sgt. Scott Brown and Detective Greg Reardon were on foot patrol on Interfaith Terrace in plainclothes when they saw Graham, who they knew from past investigations, pull in front of 19 Interfaith Terrace.
They saw him go behind the apartment, and Brown decided to follow, Shastany said. Reardon continued along his original path.
"He (Brown) saw a group of four men standing and he saw another man (Morelli) crouching against the wall," said Shastany. "He had something on his lap, but Brown could not see what it was."
Brown decided to continue walking along the path to try to see what the man was holding, but Rodriguez, Jones, Graham and Torres confronted him.
One of the men got into a threatening stance and began questioning Brown, who did not identify himself right away as a police officer, Shastany said.
Brown then got a better look at what Morelli was holding - a revolver with the cylinder out and loaded.
"He (Brown) immediately identified himself as police, and he pulled his own gun," Shastany said. "Morelli said it (his gun) was a B.B. gun."
Brown called for backup, and Reardon met him behind the building. He checked the gun and found out it was a loaded .22-caliber Ruger revolver.
Morelli said the group used the gun to shoot squirrels, but the detectives were suspicious because Morelli was handling the gun wearing gloves.
Police traced the gun's serial number and discovered it was stolen from a house in Upton on Oct. 22, 2007.
Upton Police Chief Michael Bradley said the gun taken from a Crockett Road home, along with a safe that contained a small amount of money and some paperwork.
"One of my officers will be working with the Framingham detectives on the follow-up investigation," the chief said.
Morelli of 3 Winnipeg St., Torres of 16B Interfaith Terrace, Rodriguez of 19C Interfaith Terrace, Graham of 9 Bonito Drive and Jones of 88 Delmont Ave. were charged with possessing a firearm without a permit, possessing ammunition without a permit and receiving stolen property.
Morelli was also charged with possession of Ecstacy, while Graham was charged with the possession of OxyContin.
Morelli was ordered held at his Framingham District Court arraignment yesterday, pending a detention hearing today in court.
The other four men were released and are scheduled for further arraignments today in Framingham District Court.
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