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Published: September 17, 2008 05:30 am ShareThisPrintThis
$4K in equipment stolen from Rockport's patrol boat
By Jonathan L'Ecuyer
Staff Writer

ROCKPORT - Harbormaster Rosemary Lesch says she stood in silent disbelief Sunday after discovering nearly $4,000 worth of equipment had been stolen from the town's harbor patrol boat sometime after the vessel had been placed on Granite Pier as a precaution ahead of Tropical Storm Hanna.
According to the police report, filed at 10:49 a.m. Monday, an emergency medical technician bag and a defibrillator were stolen from the Boston Whaler boat sometime overnight Saturday.
The defibrillator, which sends an electrical shock to the heart in an attempt to return heart rhythm to normal levels thereby preventing cardiac arrest, is valued at nearly $3,500. The EMT bag contained oxygen, aspirin, an auto-injecting adrenaline pen and other common medical equipment, Lesch said yesterday.
"It's very low and intrusive," Lesch said of the theft. "We're there to serve the public and when the public turns around and takes from you, it's very upsetting."
The patrol boat is usually kept at Sandy Bay Yacht Club at T-Wharf, a secure spot where Lesch said they have never had any problems. However, the decision was made Saturday to move the boat out of the water and onto Granite Pier ahead of Hanna, which didn't end up packing the punch on Cape Ann that some forecasters had predicted. The boat was kept under a street light, Lesch added.
The defibrillator and EMT bag were not kept locked away, but rather enclosed in a cabinet beneath a bench seat. Though no other items were taken, Lesch described the stolen items as "very important."
As police continue to investigate, Lesch said for now, the patrol boat will have to borrow a defibrillator from one of the town's ambulances. Another EMT bag has also been compiled, though Lesch said the new bag "is not the same."
The stolen defibrillator was "one of the newest ones" the town owns. Lesch said the town has one defibrillator for each ambulance, but no longer has an extra one for the boat. Each time a defibrillator is used, it is taken out of commission for a short time while data is gathered from it and the pads and batteries are replaced.
"We are still hoping someone will say 'we saw a truck pull up,' but nobody has come forward yet," Lesch said.
The theft from the town's harbor patrol boat is just one of several incidents which have occurred in the past week against the town's public safety officials.
On Monday morning, police discovered someone had vandalized the front lawn of the police station by driving a vehicle over it; a week ago today, police arrested a 19-year-old man for assault with a dangerous weapon and discharging a weapon in a public way after, according to a police report, Jonathan E. Yoors of Curtis Street allegedly fired a pellet gun toward firefighters participating in a training exercise outside Central Station. According to police, Yoors told police the weapon's discharge was unintentional and that the gun happened to be out the window, but that he did not know it was loaded at the time.
Yoors was released on $500 cash bail the night of his arrest and appeared in Gloucester District Court on Thursday, Sept. 11, where the court continued his case to Friday, Sept. 26.
Jonathan L'Ecuyer can be reached at [email protected].
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