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Love hurts - especially when a brawl breaks out at a wedding.
Some 40 people became embroiled in a massive brawl at a plush country club reception Saturday. Cops from Lynn and Nahant were called to break up the melee at the Nahant Country Club late Saturday.
It's unclear what triggered the punch-up. A detail cop called for backup when the fight broke out.
It took almost 30 minutes for officers to subdue the brawlers, according to the Lynn Item. The club's Web site boasts a "romantic gazebo (that) captivates the memory of thousands of wedding ceremonies." It hosted the wedding reception of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's son John Roosevelt in 1938.

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It always amazes me how distorted the facts get. Where does the news media get their facts from? I was at this wedding. There were maybe 5 or 6 people involved in the fight and most of them were just trying to break it up. Nahant PD over reacted by calling Lynn for assistance. There was about 7 or 8 Nahant cops and about 10 Lynn cops on scene. The fight was over in about 5 minutes, not 30 as reported. In fact the fight was over long before the Lynn guys even arrived.

It's unclear what triggered the punch-up.
It was crystal clear how it started. Nahant had about 10 witnesses (including a police officer at the wedding) willing to make statements.

Then on top of all of it, one Lynn cop was seen leaving with a big box of left over wedding cake. And before anyone starts defending him, he did not ask and it was not offered to him, he just decided to help himself. Real professional.
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