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The Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS - A man killed his ex-wife's boyfriend early Tuesday, then abducted her and her 13-year-old daughter before fatally shooting the woman and himself in his car as the police pursued it, authorities said.
Carl Wills, 44, entered the apartment of 30-year-old April Wills and shot 30-year-old John L Cunningham III, police said. The shooting woke up the woman's teenage daughter, said Sgt. Matthew Mount.
Witnesses saw Wills, who was not the girl's father, beating April Wills in the parking lot before she broke away and got back inside, police said. Carl Wills kicked open the door and forced his ex-wife and the girl into his car at gunpoint, authorities said.
Neighbor Denisha Caster witnessed the woman's abduction.
"She was just screaming, 'Please, don't shoot me! Don't shoot me!' and he just forced her into the car," Caster said.
Wills drove for several miles before police stopped the car by bumping it with another vehicle and causing it to spin, authorities said.
April Wills had been shot in the car soon after it left her home, and Carl Wills shot himself as officers stopped the car, police said. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.
The 13-year-old girl had a welt from being hit in the head.
Carl Wills spent seven years in prison on a 1992 conviction for reckless homicide. He also was involved in several domestic abuse reports, both with April Wills and another past girlfriend.

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