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Police Say Man Woke Up To Sound Of Men Talking Outside Home

CORNISH, N.H. -- Three Claremont, N.H., men have been charged after a Cornish man reported catching them taking scrap metal from his garage, police said.
Police said the Cornish resident woke up to the sound of people talking outside his house at 9:30 a.m. on July 31. The resident said he saw three men loading scrap metal from his garage into their car.
The resident said the locked door to the makeshift garage had been forced open, and the men had loaded a radiator core, an air-conditioner pump and some wire into their car.

When the resident confronted the men, they apologized, returned the items and repaired the garage before leaving, police said. The resident got the license plate number of the car but wasn't able to call police immediately because his phone was out from a lightning strike, police said.

Todd Supernois, 25; Michael Coughlin, 26; and William Soltan, 25, were arrested following an investigation. Police said the three men confessed and were all charged with attempt to commit theft and criminal trespass.
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