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    This shit needs to stop. All these assholes who have been trashing the cops (and you all know who they are) are complicit in these attacks on officers.

    Update I just saw has 3 dead and 3 injured. Prayers for all the officers involved and their families.
    Three Baton Rouge Officers Killed, Three Injured in Ambush
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    I'm gonna "Hijack" this thread for a minute because after almost 28 years working with the LAPD, I'm very passionate about officer safety and losing a brother and sister officer in the line of duty really bothers me. And I've learned a few things during that time.

    With all the crap going on around the country against us, now is the time to stop saying things like," That kind of stuff doesn't happen around here" and "That's just not how we do things around here." These are the two lines I've heard many times over; over the years when I talk to officers from around the country, including back there in my "Homeland."

    In the past when I come back there for vacation, I've offered to put on training and asked to be involved in training (including here on masscops) with folks back there a number of times but never have any luck because of the two aforementioned lines.

    We can never have enough training whether we're getting paid for it or not and regardless who is putting it on. We can always learn something from everyone, be it what to do or what not to do. "Failing to train is training to fail."

    Anyone want to do some training next month when I'm back there for three weeks on vacation? I want to learn new stuff too. Plus it's always cool for officers from different departments to get together and talk shop. (This includes all of our new folks too. The more the merrier.)

    I hope I didn't tick anyone off with this but it's pretty near and dear to me. I've been to way too many funerals over my time on the job. Stay safe!
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    I'm always willing to teach, LA. Though my skill set is based on effective grappling when fights go to the ground.

    In my opinion, it's the difference between this:

    And this:

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    Sounds like a great idea to me! Another reason to get together and meet some Masscops members since im unable to attend on Aug 13th. Dont have too much to offer training wise though.
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    I know about your type of training and I think it's great and definitely needed. We have something similar out here. It's a three-day ground grappling class, which everyone has to go through. There's an update to it every few years.

    Both of those videos are a good examples why whenever possible, officers should not try to take a suspect into custody by themselves. I realize that's not always an option with smaller departments; that's why good tactics, good physical conditioning and good "Cowboy" skills are so important.

    The training I'm referring to is the stuff before it gets to the point where you have to go hands on. Both of these skill sets are important and potentially life saving issues.
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    I think the operative point to be made, is "who gives a shit about getting jammed up by the brass if you find yourself out-gunned and fight back with your personal rifle, as long as you survive the encounter."

    Especially when BLM is posting up in elevated positions and firing down upon police officers.

    Yah, you'll probably get jammed up if that ever happened. But I think living, might be worth it.
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    When you are more worried about getting jammed up than going home alive at the end of your shift it's time to get a different job.
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    Sheriff Clarke just kicked Don Lemon's nuts on CNN. Great job Sheriff!

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    Situation has changed and policies have to change and change fast! Two officers without rifle are not equal one officer with a rifle.
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    Sadly the politicians and powers that be are too busy changing them to appease the agitators. They're quick to change things to make the officers less "scary" or less "intimidating" but too many worry about what it'll look like if they change them to the benefit of officer safety.
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    Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Eugene Long — retired Marine — was outraged at police for Alton Sterling death
    Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Long outraged by Alton Sterling slay
    BY Nicole Hensley Alfred Ng Leonard Greene
    Updated: Monday, July 18, 2016, 1:56 AM
    Gavin Long was identified as the gunman behind the Baton Rouge shooting. He spent five years in the Marines and later published a series of self-help books.
    (CosmicConsciousnesss via Youtube)
    Nicole HensleyAlfred NgLeonard Greene
    Updated: Monday, July 18, 2016, 1:56 AM
    The gunman behind a deadly rampage that killed three cops in Baton Rouge Sunday was a retired Marine with an online trail of rants complaining about the treatment of African-Americans by police after Alton Sterling's death.

    Gavin Eugene Long, using the life coach pseudonym “Cosmo Setepenra,” groused in a series of videos, photos and online writings, about perceived law enforcement injustices against black people.

    “You gotta fight back,” Long urged viewers in a video recorded a week ago.

    After five police officers were killed July 7 in Dallas, Long, angry about deaths of black men at the hands of police, chimed in about retribution.

    Three Baton Rouge cops shot and killed by lone gunman

    “It’s justice,” Long said in a video defending the Dallas shooter. “You know what I’m saying?”

    Long spent several days on the road in Texas hawking his self-help books leading up to the fatal gunfight in Louisiana, where he killed two officers with Baton Rouge Police Department, one deputy with East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and wounded three others Sunday.

    Authorities said the gunman rented a car in his hometown of Kansas City, Mo., and drove to Baton Rouge to carry out his horrific attacks on police — on his 29th birthday.

    He made stops at barber shops in Dallas and Houston in the wake of a sniper attack that killed five police officers during a Black Lives Matter rally before arriving in Baton Rouge. He documented his encounters with a cellphone fashioned into a body camera strapped to his chest. The videos were posted to Long’s YouTube page under “Convos with Cosmo.”

    Veteran officer, rookie cop, among the Baton Rouge police killed

    Despite suspected ties to fringe sovereign citizen group — the Washitaw Nation — Long denounced all connections to extremist groups in a video statement recorded in his at-home studio on July 8.

    Gavin Eugene Long, 29, expressed his frustration toward police in a series of online writings.
    (@ConvosWithCosmo via Twitter)

    “If anything happened to me,” Long began, listing the Nation of Islam and the Islamic State as examples. “Don’t affiliate me with nothing. I’m affiliated with the spirit of justice.”

    He filed documents to the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds changing his name to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra, according to papers obtained by the Kansas City Star, and declared his affiliation with the predominantly black group claiming its members share ancestry with indigenous North Americans that predate the arrival of white Europeans.

    The group is often probed for financial fraud for forging birth certificates, vehicle registrations and identifications and is also known for bombarding defendants with a barrage of lawsuits, according to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

    Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Long outraged by Alton Sterling slay
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    Facebook post from officer killed in Baton Rouge shooting goes viral

    BATON ROUGE, La. — One of the three officers killed on Sunday has been identified as Montrell Jackson — a 10-year-veteran who recently shared a powerful Facebook post about the physical and emotional hurdles of being an officer after Alton Sterling’s death.

    Jackson, 32, leaves behind a wife and a 4-month-old baby boy.

    On July 8, Jackson wrote on Facebook about the recent “trying times.”

    The Facebook post was shared with Jackson’s Facebook friends, but several friends shared screenshots of the Facebook post on Sunday.

    You can read Jackson’s full Facebook post below:

    Facebook post from officer killed in Baton Rouge shooting goes viral
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    Gavin Eugene Long= Mentally ill/Angry man
    This IS about domestic terrorism (sovereign citizen BS) and Hate. Simple
    Chesty Puller is grinding his teeth in Heaven, and any more of these angry "men" who survive should be tried Federal and sent to Leavenworth to await death.......
    Pussy shooting a cop who's vacuuming his cruiser........Yeah he's a real man:mad:
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    A Baton Rouge citizen in mourning. Somehow I think you won't see this on network news. BLUE LIVES MATTER. Cnlh8pxUkAAZLyJ.jpg
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    The media wont touch this cause it doest fit there agenda. The media is right up there with Obama on causing police officers to get attacked.
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    Barry started a fire he has no intention of putting out.
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    Funny, not in a haha way, that the BLM leadership doesn't understand why people think they're responsible for the attacks on officers. Umm, you don't get to shout for dead cops and then whine that people are being unfair when they place the blame on you. There's only two reasons why anyone would continue to carry a sign like that after what has happened. 1. You're a completely oblivious idiot who can't appreciate the consequences of what you're doing. 2. You're a complete douchebag that knows exactly what you're doing. Either way it confirms that you're the asshole that we already knew you were.
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    The racist bitch holding the sign is fat.
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    Heading out to the first funeral today. About a 2 hour drive to BR from where we are.
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    So far I've seen MBTA and Everett PD here from the Commonwealth. [​IMG]

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    Port Authority of NY and NJ has a big trailer here handing out water and snacks. Also honor guard.

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