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3 Arrested In Concord, NH Robbery, Police Say ‘Victim’ Was In On Hold-Up

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Margo McNair (L), Matthew Peters (C), Daniel Boothby (R)
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Police in Concord, N.H., have arrested three people in connection with a robbery, saying two of them are believed to have ties to a street gang that's trying to expand its operations in New Hampshire.
Police have arrested 22-year-old Matthew Peters, 25-year-old Daniel Boothby and 37-year-old Margo McNair, all of Concord.
Authorities say Peters and Boothby have been accused of robbery and conspiracy, in addition to other crimes, and are believed to be part of the gang. McNair is accused of conspiracy and falsifying physical evidence. It wasn't immediately known if they had lawyers.
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