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2n+1 Formula question.

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by RTG717, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. RTG717

    RTG717 New Member

    Have been looking around on HRD's website and haven't seen a clear answer. So the town I'm in say they want to hire 4 candidates. So by the formula, they would get to 9. I'm sitting as the 8th score, but with ties and veterans, as well as the one 402A I'm ranked 15th. Would a card be sent to me or SOL?
  2. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    Keep in mind many of the top few people are the 403b's that are on every list. You'll likely be reached.

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  3. RTBeast

    RTBeast MassCops Member

    Good question, also curious to how it works
  4. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    I could be wrong but I was under the impression that the 2n+1 formula applied to candidates that "were willing to accept appointment".
    I understood that to mean that if the 403b's dont sign the certification, they wouldn't be factored in to the 2n+1 formula. Which means they'd definitely get to you.

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