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2017 Civil Service ALL POSTS !!!!!

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by 43225, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Afc34545

    Afc34545 New Member

    Another question: if i take the military make up exam while on active duty, can I claim residency in boston (where I will live when i get out) to get on thst list, or do I have to wait until I am discharged? My current home of record is Weymouth fysa. Thanks.
  2. Treehouse413

    Treehouse413 MassCops Member

    Civil Service Law Chapter 31, section 58 permits cities and towns to ask that residents be placed on entry-level police and firefighter eligible lists before nonresidents. A "resident" is a person who has lived in the same city or town for the full year (12 months) before the original date of the examination. For example, if you took an examination on March 25, 2017, you would have to live in a single city or town from March 25, 2016 to March 25, 2017 to claim residency in that city or town.

    • Your residence, for the purpose of civil service law, is the place where you actually lived and intended as your permanent home.
    • If you were in the military, you may use the Massachusetts city or town where you lived when you entered the military if you returned to that city or town after you left the military, or, if you are still in the military, you intend to return to that city or town.
    • If you move to another city or town at any time during the year before the examination, you do not qualify for residency preference in any city or town.
    How to Update Your Residency Preference
    If you would like this office to adjust your record, please send an email to [email protected] and include the information listed below:

    1. a detailed statement that you wish to claim residency preference status for a particular city/town and that you have lived there for the entire twelve month period preceding the date of the examination.
    2. your name
    3. address during the time frame
    4. Person ID (located on your score notice)
    5. Examination Title (for example, Firefighter or Police Officer )
    The appointing authority may require verification of residency for consideration prior to an appointment.

    Military Residency Preference
    For military personnel who were on full-time active duty during any part of or the entire 12-month period required to establish residency in a Massachusetts city or town, you may still be eligible to claim residency preference if you meet the following conditions:

    • You must have served a period of Full-Time Military Active Duty (for which you received or will receive a DD214) during any part of the 12 month period of:
      • 2018 Firefighter - March 24, 2017 to March 24, 2018
      • 2017 Police Officer - March 25, 2016 to March 25, 2017
      • 2016 Firefighter - April 16, 2015 to April 16, 2016
    • You must have been a Massachusetts Resident at the time of entry into full-time active duty or your Home of Record on your DD214 for this period of active duty must be a city or town in Massachusetts.
    • You must return to your Home of Record (Town A) or establish residency in a different Massachusetts municipality (Town B) within 90 days of the date of separation/release/discharge from this period of active duty as listed on your DD214.
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  3. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    I'm a couple weeks late to this but don't discount the large city your base is at or the metro area an hour north. A lot of departments can't hire enough people and your chances are that much better being a vet. You could get a job before you are out of the military or soon after, while you could be waiting years for a civil service department in MA if you haven't already tested and have residency.
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  4. huff12

    huff12 New Member

    Question for someone,

    I just did the military make up exam felt i did pretty well, what is the next step of the process? Do i get my results then just wait for for contact from a PD?
  5. Drebbin

    Drebbin MassCops Member

    You could do that. Just sit back and wait for a Job to come your way, Or you could do everything possible to get yourself ahead of the all the other people who want the same job. Your veterans status is a good start but while you are waiting do more. Take an EMT course. Find an auxiliary unit/Special Officer job and gain some experience. Take a language course. Pad your resume. I would also look at departments outside of Massachusetts. Mass is one of the toughest states to get a law enforcement job in. Good luck
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  6. huff12

    huff12 New Member

    Thanks man, Mass seems kind of crappy for getting a job. i applied to a non civil service town with a degree and vet status and could not get a call back. The whole system seems broken but i grew up in Mass so i stick around for a bit
  7. Navyguy23

    Navyguy23 New Member

    Also taking the military makeup exam in October....when exactly does your experience matter in civil service, only after the cutoff score is established?
  8. Drebbin

    Drebbin MassCops Member

    Let's say you and ten other veterans have the same score. What is going to make you stand out and be the choice over the others?

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  9. Navyguy23

    Navyguy23 New Member

    Im working on my second Masters and made it through two significant selection courses one of which landed me a spot at the Navy's top CT unit. I don't even know if the state police will care. I'm not trying to build myself up here, hopefully all capable vets get a good look and every capable non vet for that matter.... really just wondering if resume bullets matter or if it's irrelevant if you dont score well enough?
  10. bigfoot1120

    bigfoot1120 MassCops Member

    What will make you stand out in your scenario is which person has the most political pull.
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  11. Drebbin

    Drebbin MassCops Member

    Truer words were never spoken. In Massachusetts political pull is your trump card.
  12. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    That will only help you if and when you're reached by your municipality on their list. Once you've been told you're being considered for a position and they make it to your name for an orientation, background, etc, then it will definitely help you. But it's all for nothing if you don't score high enough and get reached by the department whose list your on.
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  13. RTBeast

    RTBeast MassCops Member

    Gents - I'm sure this might've been asked and answered but, say you were reached out to by your municipality and you failed to appear to sign your name - would you be contacted once again when names get pulled? Or do they consider the lack of response as the applicant no longer being interested?
    Thanks all
  14. Treehouse413

    Treehouse413 MassCops Member

    They’ll contact you 2 more times if your within the formula when they hire, after that your name is removed. I’m referring to civil service .
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  15. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    Salem, Everette and Somerville (big $ by the way) will be hiring dozens soon FYI to anyone who lives there. Good luck!
  16. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    You fail to sign the list in the specified time, you're remove from further consideration.
  17. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    If its a civil service department your degree means crap unless, you're tied with a similar score with another applicant. Then they may compare your qualifications and determine which is better suited.
  18. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    You're DEVGRU? Why would you want to be a local cop with that background when a former Tier 1 guy could do just about ANYTHING? Unless the Navy has ANOTHER top CT unit...

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  19. Navyguy23

    Navyguy23 New Member

    The navy does not
  20. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome aboard then! You're invited to the first annual MassCops range day!

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  21. malbec222

    malbec222 New Member

    Currently active duty military right now all signed up to take October make up - my question is does anyone know around how long it would take me to get on the current list after the test on 10/5?

    In addition, I won’t have my DD214 until feb, online it says you can get a letter from commanding officer with dates of service and estimated date of separation to get veteran status prior to. DD214 - is that something I need before the test on 10/5? Or can I update my account online with that info any time?

    Thanks everyone, my hometown had a relatively short list in comparison to many others at this time so I’m hoping to get myself up and on there ASAP.
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  22. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    This is civil service in Massachusetts run by government hacks...don't expect anything to move "quickly". When the test is in April, the scores aren't released until at least October in a GOOD year.

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  23. malbec222

    malbec222 New Member

    That’s brutal. I’m hoping since it’s last military makeup of the year, that there will be less scores to grade. I suppose we will see.
  24. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    These are Scantron test sheets, the score is known as quickly as you can feed the paper into the machine. The amount of test has nothing to do with why it takes so long to grade, these hacks drag their feet, and pull all sorts of voodoo manipulation shit behind the scenes.

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  25. 11bravoarmy

    11bravoarmy MassCops Member

    Took military make up today. Feel pretty decent. Wouldn’t say I nailed it, but I definitely passed.

    Someone told me only state police see test scores and towns/cities don’t see scores only lists, how true is this?

    Say I got an 80 but I’m disabled vet and my town has no other vets on the list, would I still have a sucky time finding a job?

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